The famous Italian firm Marchesini has also used its experience and know-how in off-road racing. New Rock wheels specially designed for cross racing, have been developed with strong technical content that enhances and updates the architecture of traditional wheels with spokes. 

Dispensing with the nipple connecting the spoke to the rim, Rock wheels offer a significant reduction in weight in the outer area: this is an important technological innovation and one that according to the company can be seen immediately in the motorcycle's high levels of responsiveness The hub is machined from a solid block and the spokes are straight and much more resistant: consequently, the number has been reduced from 36 to 32. 

That's not all - thanks to the new set-screw locking mechanism that allows perfect rim-spoke coupling as Marchesini says, spoke alignment is no longer necessary. 

Technical Features 
Material Hub machined from alluminium billet 
Front dimension 1,60x21” 
Rear dimension 2,15x18” and 1,85x19” and 2,15x19” 
Antislip Treatment Front/ Rear X 
Front/ Rear Valve Type X 
Sprocket Carrier Rubber Type (Q.ty) X 
HUB Colours Anodized: Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Green 
RIM Colours Black, Silver