CTX stands for "Comfort Technology Experience". The two bikes CTX700 and CTX700N seem to differentiate themselves from the NC700 series due to the new subframe and shorter suspensions travel which  make it possible for a new very low seat height of 720mm (28.35 in.). 

The change of the riding position is also evident compared to the other members of the NC700 family. However the ease of use and the low fuel consumption should also be valid to the members of the new CTX series. 

Honda¢s new CTX700 is the first of the new CTX series. According to Honda, the CTX700 offers the comfort and weather protection of a full fairing, as well as a laid-back riding position with more forward-set hand controls and footpegs. The optional equipment list is quite long. 

There are two versions of the new CTX700: one with the conventional six-speed manual transmission, and one equipped with the unique automatic transmission, Honda Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). Base MSRP $7800. 

The other part of the new CTX series, the CTX700N offers a laid-back riding position with more forward-set hand controls and footpegs, and a low 28.3-inch seat height. There¢s an available automatic (DCT) transmission and ABS version. 

Both versions feature the fuel-efficient 670cc twin-cylinder engine of the NC700X. Base MSRP $7000. These two bikes are 2013 models for the US market and they will be available in 2014 to other countries. 

However only in the US the cruiser style of riding is so common and suitable. The CTX700 is featured as a touring bike while the CTX700N is a cruiser motorcycle at the Honda US line-up.

Comment: Featuring the same basic design concerning the frame and engine, Honda has created 5 bikes at the 700 c.c. region. Thus from one point of view its one of the most adaptive manufacturers concerning the years to come for the developed motorcycle markets.