There are spreading rumors that Piaggio will unveil a new 250 c.c. bike in 2014. The Group Piaggio consists of several brands, while Aprilia is leading at this field of sporty road bikes, hence the oncoming motorcycle could be a bigger version of the RS4 125 c.c.. Aprilia, has just won two World WSBK championships and 9 motoGP championships between 1994 and 2007. With the road-legal two-stroke bike RS250 (1994-2004) being a remarkable bike on road or tracks, it could be an interesting question that Aprilia has not presented such a bike, especially when this bike category has seen an unprecedented boost over the last two years.  
Furthermore, after the review of the RS4 125, that bike could easily handle the power of a four stroke 250 c.c. engine. Should it be single or two cylinder though? Aiming to eastern markets, the tag price is a critical issue, hence the first option is more possible. This could be a reason that the power is expected between 25 to 30 bhp. The photos illustrate the RS4 50-125 c.c. variants.