Ktm announced this weekend that will bring the  E-Speed to production and the  electric scooter  will be launched in Europe in 2015. It will be the second electric bike after the Freeride E which will be launched in 2014.  

Thus  Ktm could be  the only firm manufacturing two-strokes, four-strokes and electric bikes at the same time, and the lineup will be consisted of many motorcycles, a scooter and a car  (Oxbow).  The two latter products are not very conventional to their kind but then, until recently  Ktm had been manufacturing mostly racing motorcycles. 


Ktm selected the Tokyo Motor Show to unveil the new concept electric scooter, called the E-SPEED. 

The nominal power of the electric yet liquid-cooled engine is 11 KW (15 bhp), the torque is 3,6 kgm (26 lbs ft) and the maximum speed is 85 km/h (50 mph). The charging duration of the Li-ion batteries is 2 hours by a normal domestic power supply. Battery range is up to 64 km (40 mph). 

The engine is located at the centre of the scooter, the frame is a hybrid combining a Trellis type and an aluminum battery casing. The final transmission is belt drive. The suspensions are WP while both the fork and the swingarm are single-sided. A linkage is provided for the shock. 

14” alloy wheels are featured. The regenerative brakes consist of 220 mm rotors equipped with ABS. The nominal weight is 140 kg (308.6 lbs). The lights are LED. 
The E-Speed is the second electric bike, even a concept one, by Ktm after the FREERIDE.