DunlopĒs new tyres the KR106/108 and the Sportmax D212 GP Pro, were developed by a global engineering team from Europe, Japan and North America. 
The D212 GP Pro replaces DunlopĒs D211 GP (it seems that the grooves are less now), which according to Dunlop, helped revolutionise the ultra-high performance motorcycle tyre market over the past years. Both the D212 GP Pro and the KR106/108Ēs overall strengths lie in the fact that the rider can choose between different compounds, providing high performance tailored to his needs. 
Ôhe D212 GP Pro has already won many races in 2012 including Isle of Man TT Superstock, IDM Supersport Championship, Australian Supersport, Alpe Adria Superstock and the Southern 100. 

Although independently developed, both tyres benefit from DunlopĒs advanced race to road technologies including DunlopĒs revolutionary NTEC pressure adjustment feature. The NTEC allows the rider to optimise the tyre on the track by safely reducing the inflation pressure. 
“On the track, the pressure can be lowered to as little as 1.0 bar (14.5 psi) on the rear tyre!" A lower pressure, means a wider footprint, which means more grip and traction. DunlopĒs new Multi-Tread Compound Technology, the JointLess Belt (JLB) technology, Jointless Tread strip-winding technology are combined. 

The KR106 and KR108 are premium racing tyres, exclusively developed for race tracks. 

Sizes available:
KR106 Front 120/70 R 17 TL 125/65 R 17 TL 
KR108 Rear 185/65 R 17 TL 195/65 R 17 TL 
D212 GP Pro Front 120/70 ZR 17 TL
D212 GP Pro Rear 190/55 ZR 17 TL 200/55 ZR 17 TL