BiaggiĘs test of a motoGP bike was affected by the weather with rain falling on both days at the afternoon sessions. His lap times were slower than what the media posted during the first day, although these times were also unofficial. These were about 4 seconds off DoviziosoĘs pace. Biaggi faced some early some issues eg riding fast after many months of no competitive riding and a motoGP bike after seven years. He had also some difficulties at the initial laps, feeling comfortable with the bike which felt nervous like a racing 250, compared to his Aprilia WSBK as he said. 

"IĘm back to being a rider for the first time in eight months! It was great because this is a sport that I really love, and after what feels like a long time, it was a great opportunity to ride a MotoGP bike. In the early laps I actually felt that I had really been away for eight years, because a MotoGP bike always has an immediate reaction, and a progression that just doesnĘt exist in a Superbike. 
It was also nice because I established a great feeling with the group of people who were assigned to me for this test, just like when I began in Aprilia in 2009. There was a positive feeling between all of us, even though it was just a single test. IĘd like to thank first Ducati, and also team Pramac for this opportunity. We were rather unfortunate because out of two days available we more or less only had one due to the rain, but itĘs better than nothing. We didnĘt do any damage and we had some good fun!” said Biaggi.

Max Biaggi on the Ducati GP 13.

As it was expected, there were many fans of the “Roman Emperor” who visited Mugello to watch their favorite rider on the Desmosedici of Ben Spies. Thus the first photos were soon published on the internet. 

The 2012 SBK World Champion came out to the track at about 11:30 and the initial lap times were at 1:50. On his second attempt, the lap time was reduced to 1:49.7 which could be compared to Andrea IannoneĘs lap time at the qualifying on Saturday which was 1:49.265!

Comment: The test was stopped at 15:00 due to rain.


This Thursday and Friday Ducati will hold some private tests in Mugello circuit where Hayden, Dovizioso, Pirro (replacing Spies) and Biaggi will be riding. 
Biaggi will provide  valuable feedback and comments, although he will still have to adapt to the Brisgestone motoGP tires.