A liquid cooled, V 60˚ engine is featured, named Revolution X and gets a displacement of either 500 or 750 c.c.. The footpegs are positioned normally just below the engine, the saddle height is 668 mm (26.3 in) making life easier to shorter riders. The front wheel is 17 inches and the rear is 15 in. 

The wheelbase is 1511mm, (59.5 in). The weight of the 750 c.c. variant full is 218 kg (480 lbs). The Street series marks the first brand new bike by Harley in the last 13 years and it aims to developing markets around the globe.


The new Harley Davidson Street 500 & 750 c.c. will be unveiled shortly

Harley Davidson will introduce two new bikes with displacements 500 and 750 c.c., named Street.. More to come at the Eicma motor show! 
The spy shots of the upcoming bike published so far are shown below.


Scoop: More photos of the upcoming 500 c.c. Harley being tested in India


Scoop: Indian websites report that this was the upcoming Harley Davidson for the emerging markets, being tested.

These websites provide the information that the 500 c.c. engine will deliver around 45 bhp and 5.1 kgm of torque. The price is expected to be -25% of the cheapest HD in the lineup, the 883 Sportster Superlow. The new bike will be user friendly to the shorter and slimmer (compared to Westerners) Indian and Asian riders.

There is almost everything between a Hyosung and a Harley!

These two matt black test mules were sought by Team-BHP.com in India. Its not certain if these bikes are actually Harleys, it could be a new model being tested by Hyosung e.g. a larger Aquila, or whatever really... 
It is reminded that Harley is going to manufacture a new Indian specd 500 c.c. bike, in India. 
Certainly the engine looks big, and it could be liquid cooled as there could be a radiator at the very front of the engine. The silencer doesnĘt look like a Harley one although this could be intentional. However the front fork and the reflectors resemble to those of a Harley XL 883 Sportster Superlow. Therefore this is either a heavily disguised Harley or a new bike from Hyosung or another manufacturer. In the first case this bike looks very user friendly, intended for everyday use. However the critical issue is, if a Harley like this would be appealing to the potential Indian customers as there is nothing common between these spy photos and a piece of the American dream that Harley represents to the masses.