The Lightning Motorcycle team and the rider Carlin Dune set a time of 10Ē 00.694, while the closest conventional bike was once more the Ducati Multistrada S with a time of 10ī21.323.

The already two times winner of the PPIHC had an issue last year when on his return from the race, was informed that a nearby circuit was closed due to noise complaints: "That made it personal," he said, "It makes you think this is the way things are going, and I want to preserve what I like to do. I grew up with gas and gears, and I still love it. This is the reason I took this project on."


Pikes Peak 2013: An electric bike sets the fastest time during tyre tests!

The initial tests for the famous uphill race concern the tyres and they last for two days. The Lightning Motorcycle team and the rider Carlin Dune, (he was the winner last year and time record holder on a Ducati Multistrada 1200S), set the fastest time during these initial tests on a motorcycle. This bike provides the equivalent of 200+ bhp although its an electric one! 

Certainly its very early for anyone to foretell the outcome of the race. However the next video could be relieving to the conventional engine supporters. ItĒs a car video actually, from the era that there was not tarmac on the race!