Last Saturday and Sunday, 15 and 16th of June in Saint Julia, Andorra the third round of the Championship was accomplished. On the first day the winner was ADAM RAGA , while TONI BOU was the winner on Sunday. 

Thus ADAM RAGA leads the Championship with 107 points, Toni Bou is 2nd with 106 points and TAKAHISA FUJINAMI 3rd with 81 points. Next round of the Trial World Championship on June 23 rd, in Pobladura de la Regueras, Spain. 
In Andorra there was also the first round of the Womens Championship. Becky Cook leads the Championship with 37 points, Emma Bristow is 2nd with 35 points and Sandra Gomez 3rd with 32 points. 
The next round of the womens championship will be conducted on 31/8 and 1/9 in Isola 2000, France.