The frame and the shock are new. The front disc brake is larger than the previous model (240 mm instead of 220 mm). The brakes will be standard  ABS probably in Europe.

The twin headlights replace the single wide one of the former model. The windscreen is taller. The instruments are new. The fuel consumption is 2.9 l/100km (97 mpg Imperial) for the Burgman 125 and 3.32 l/100 km (85 mpg Imperial) for the 200 variant, nominal figures. The storage space under the seat will be available for two full face helmets.



The 2014 Suzuki Skywave (Burgman)  S-250

2013/7/25    The 2014 Suzuki Skywave (Burgman)  250?

For the time being there is no information available for the new Skywave (Burgman) 250, just this picture.