A new scooter is placed at the middle of the scooters˘ range. The new Honda Forza 300 is equipped with an engine suitable for extensive rides in and out of town and a compact body providing a storage space for two fullf-face helmets. The combined braking system CBS is standard, while the Combined ABS is optional. 

The scooter is big enough to accommodate two persons, providing very good protection from the elements and a storage space for two full-face helmets under the seat. However the body of the scooter is not really big (becoming a handicap on tight traffic) since the FORZA 300 will not be ridden solely on highways. It is important to remain nimble on city traffic. 

Ôhe 35 mm fork, the twin shocks at the rear and the aluminum swing arm ensure comfortable and safe rides. A torkey, single cylinder 279 c.c. engine is featured which combines everyday use, high traveling speed, very good fuel economy. The kerb weight is 192kg – 423 lbs (194 kg -427.7 lbs with the Combined ABS). Cast aluminium wheels (14in x 3.0in front, 13in x 4.0in rear) plus 120/70-14 front and 140/70-13 rear tyres ensure agility and stability. Braking is via a single front 256mm disc with twin-piston caliper and rear 240mm disc/single piston caliper. Honda˘s Combined Braking System (CBS). where the rear brake lever also operates the front brake (the front brake lever operates only the front brake) enhances peace of mind in a fast-stop situation, and Combined ABS is also available as an option. 

A low seat height of 716mm (28.2 in) makes the NSS300 Forza very easy to manage while a compact body width of 580mm – 22.8 in and slim floorplate helps it through tight traffic. Range from the 11.6-litre fuel tank is 354 kilometres (220 mi), thanks to fuel consumption of 3.32 l/100km (85.1 mpg Imperial), nominal figures. The SH 300i based engine produces a power output of 25.5. bhp @ 7,500rpm, with 2.65kgm (19.7 ft lbs) torque @ 5,000rpm, claimed figures. 
The NSS300 Forza will be available in three colours: - Asteroid Black Metallic - Pearl Himalayas White - Seal Silver Metallic. The price is at the region of 5700 Euros.