The Nexx X70 meets the ECE / 22-05 and the DOT - NBR -7471:2001 standards. The weight varies between 900g and 1200g (1.98-2.65 lbs), depending on the version. The price lies between 220 and 260 Euros. 

An always classic recommendation is the Davida Jet helmet which meets the latest European Safety Standard ECE R22-05. The large size weighs 980g (2.16 lbs). It is hand built and it could be combined with Davida or Halcyon goggles for genuinely authentic looks. Usually these helmets have a very tight form. 

The Givi Easy-J 10.9 is a light helmet (weighing 900 g - 1.98 lbs) . The helmet here is shown with the Kappa I400CK goggles. An indicative price is 69 Euros, VAT included. However it could not be verified  if this helmet complies with any safety standards regulation.