Jeremy McWilliams is a former motoGP rider and the development rider of the KTM 1290 Super Duke R. Hence, its no surprise that he is lapping faster than the journalists at the press launch of the bike, held at the Ascari circuit. Well, in most of the cases that should be said quite faster…


Ktm 1290 Super Duke R action video



Anyone feeling like winning a KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R?


To mark the launch of the new KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R, Ktm is giving 4 lucky winners the opportunity to spend a summer full of fun, pure action and extreme performance with the "beast". ONE of the 4 will have the chance to keep their KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R! APPLY NOW! Ń photo of the biker is required with his present bike without helmet.


2013/10/18, updated

The Ktm Super Duke R 1290 goes touring!

Heated grips, ergonomical seat, bracket for GPS, 18 l each of the side bags, anti-theft system at the front caliper etc.
The price of the Ktm Super Duke R 1290 was defined today in UK. It is £14000,(§16500 , $22600), which places it between a Kawasaki ZX10R and a Bmw S1000RR and  its slightly cheaper than a Ducati Streetfighter S.


Ktm Super Duke 1290 R: New factory looks


1290 Super Duke R Features and Benefits (video) 

Toby Moody and Jeremy McWilliams, who had a big part in developing 'The Beast', introduce the brand new 1290 Super Duke R to you and discuss its features and benefits.



The Ktm 1290 Super Duke R also in black colour



The V-2 1301 c.c. engine delivers 180 bhp/8870 rpm and 14.7 kgm (106.21 ft lbs) maximum torque with 10.2 kgm (74 ft lbs) as early as 2500 rpm. The frame is Trellis type, the wheelbase is 1482 mm (58.35 in). 

Brembo M50 radial monoblock callipers at the front are combined with 320 mm brake discs – assisted in the event of an emergency stop by Bosch ABS that's imperceptible in normal operation, even when riding full throttle. Except of course in Supermoto mode: ABS up front; freedom to slide at the rear! The dry weight of the bike is 189 kg. 

The traction control provides 3 operating modes: Rain: smooth, limited power, with early intervening traction control. Street: sporty but effective, always appropriate and super-swift. Sport: The full works, with sharp teeth and controlled drift feeling. 

The ABS and traction control may be deactivated. There will be ten features (10 specials) of the motorcycle to be announced, day after day.


Scoop: Ktm Super Duke 1290 R

Two photos of the upcoming Ktm Super Duke 1290 R have been uploaded to http://superduke.net/forum/
The bike eventually gets with the required legal equipment for road use (headlamp-number plate holder-mirrors) and a big silencer instead of the low-slung unit combined with the Akrapovic! The rims are black instead of the crazy multi-colored units seen further below at the introduction of the concept bike about a year ago. The engine power is expected at the region of 160 bhp only. 

Additionally the inverted fully adjustable front, the single sided swingarm and the radial Brembo calipers remain the same. The exact specifications and the electronics equipped will be clarified in a few days time that the bike will be unveiled officially. Thus the bike is quite more conservative than the concept one seen further below!


The Ktm Super Duke 1290 R is about to be officially launched.
The expected date is Monday 30/9/2013, according to the countdown timer presented at the official www.1290superduker.com website. 

 A teaser video follows



That could be a Ktm Super Duke 1290 R on the track, followed by a Bmw S1000RR.

The Ktm shock is orange, while it should be white. There is a tail light while this was not observed on the bike unleashed at Goodwood. No-one could tell if the Ktm rider twisted the throttle to the stop on these laps. However if he did, the Bmw is much faster above 12000 rpm…


The engine could be delivering 180+ bhp. The wheels and the single side swingarm are made of aluminum. The bike was ridden by Jeremy McWilliams, the former MotoGP rider and now a development rider for Ktm.


Ktm Super Duke 1290 R Prototype (+video)     

Ktm had been teasing the public with glimpses or sound tracks of the bike before the presentation of this prototype bike at the Eicma motor show. 

      Ktm doesnĘt specify the engine capacity of the modified LC8 1190c.c. V-2 with a ride by wire throttle. 
      Rumors say that power delivery is about 180 bhp. Racing WP suspensions are featured as well as single side swingarm, Brembo racing calipers and aluminum wheels. The bike will be equipped with ABS, traction control anti-stoppie and anti-wheelie control, which all may be deactivated. 

     It is not certain if the production bike will be equipped with two silencers. The launch of the bike should be in 2013, hitting the showrooms at the end of the year. 
     She will be the flagship of the Duke and Super Duke range, starting from the 125 cc and including 200, 390, 690, 990 and (about) 1290 c.c.! 

     Comment: Those tiny headlamp and Acrapovic silencer…
Also, it seems very difficult to detach these mirrors and indicators!