This process of creating a helmet personalized fit will start this year in specific motorcycle events in USA. The custom fit scanning is conducted by a Bell technician which results in a three-dimensional image of the riderĘs head in 30 seconds. The company needs three hours then to produce this special fit helmet before it will be sent to the future owner in no less than one monthĘs time. 

Bell claims a 40% energy reduction on a riderĘs head due to the custom fit scanning, hence except from more comfortable, the new method results to a safer helmet. The two helmets available with this method are the Bell Star and Moto-9. The additional cost is about $350 (253 Euros) for any of these, which totals to $999 (723 Euros) for the Star and $899 (651 Euros) for the Moto-9 in USA.


Bell will manufacture 25 custom-fit Star Carbon helmets at the price of $1100 (825 Euros).

The price includes  three days  VIP treatment at the FIM Superbike World Championship,  Laguna Seca - USA on September 27-29.

Bell is introducing an industry-first, custom-molded fit process for the Star Carbon – an innovation never before available to the public. Only 25 people in the world will own one. 
Using a proprietary 3D imaging program, Bell Helmets has created an industry-first, custom-mold process for the Star Carbon, conforming to every contour of the head and delivering a tailored fit so unparalleled in comfort that it feels practically invisible. The only requirement is that the rider must be attending the FIM Superbike World Championship, Monterey Round (Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca) to receive his custom-fit helmet. 
Pre-orders have started at www.bellhelmets.com/custom-fit-star-carbon.

Indicatively the Bell Star Carbon Matt costs $650, the Arai Corsair V (RX7 GP) costs  $850 and the Shoei X-12 ( X-Spirit 2 ) $750  approximate prices in USA.

However will this be the new innovation in helmet production? For the time being this limited number custom-fit Star Carbon helmet could be the most technologically advanced lid in the world for mere humans.