9/6/2011. Tuesday. Town twinning between Castrinano De' Greci- Municipality of Kefalonia. Bikes are dominant.

The mayors of the two districts were present at the ceremony, Donato Amato and Alexandros Parisis as well as the ambassador of Hellenism in the world, Antonio Anchora.

Participating bike Clubs

Moto club Salentina
Moto club Melpinia
Moto club Messapico
Moto club Cerviere
with a total of 31 bikes, 3 cars, 56 persons. Also 65 people from Greek speaking districts in Italy.

From Greece, the oldest-greatest bikers' club with 36 bikes from all over Greece and the local club LEMAKI.

There was always a Samaritans¢ ambulance escort . The 2012 bikers gathering in Greece may take place in Kefalonia. Lemot is willing to help.

9/7/2011. Wednesday. Drogarati-Melissani- St. George castle.

8/9/2011. Thursday. Assos, Myrtos, Poros farewell ceremony.

     Thanks for the rides we shared, the conversations we had and the remarkable bikers I met, during the tours on the island. Hope to see you soon.