Husqvarna presents the 2014 range of Enduro bikes 

Husqvarna offers a competitive range of two-stroke enduro and four-stroke enduro motorcycles in every category, from the light and super-agile TE 125 2-stroke to the great power of the FE 501 4-stroke.


The 2014 Motorcross bikes 

2-strokes have always had a central role in the Husqvarna range, and 2014 is no different with the range of TC models (TC -- Two-stroke Cross), starting with a brand new competition level 85 cc mini bike and a powerful yet agile and superlight 125. With 300 cc 2-strokes getting a European Motocross Championship class in 2014, there is no better bike available to tackle the competition with than the super-powerful TC 250 fitted with the 300 cc transformation kit available in Husky Power. 
As a pioneer of 4-stroke motocross bikes, Husqvarna reinforces its strong 4-stroke history with 3 brand new models that cover all the possible needs of every rider, from expert to amateur. The 250 cc, 350 cc and 450 cc engines in the FC range (Four-stroke Cross) are encased in a light and agile chassis for great performance.