Based on the GL1800 Gold Wing platform, Honda˘s new stripped-down Gold Wing F6C is the Honda power cruiser, with the horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine and the solid chassis married to commanding style and show stopping presence. The F6C forms a bridge between the new CTX1300 and the Gold Wing F6B/GL1800 Gold Wing, while it's a whole 70kg (154 lbs) lighter than the GL1800. In 1996 a Gold Wing stripped-down version, the F6C Valkyrie had been also introduced. 

Compared to its siblings, the F6C˘s steering geometry is stretched out: rake is set at 29° 50' with 114mm (4.49 in) trail and a wheelbase of 1,707mm (67.2 in). Kerb weight is 341kg (752 lbs). The dimensions of the tyres are 130/60-R19 front, 180/55-R17 rear. The F6C will be available in Bordeaux Red Metallic and Graphite Black. The engine produces 17.03 Kgm (123.2 ft lbs) torque at 4,000rpm, with peak power output of 115 bhp @ 5,500rpm.



The new Honda F6 C?

This bike is based on the 2007 concept called EVO-6. It will fit to the CTX 1300 and Gold Wing F6B line. 
The six –cylinder 1832 c.c. engine is expected to deliver 108bhp/5500 rpm and 116 Ím/4000 rpm (86 ft lbs). The FXC should be quite lighter than the Gold Wing FXB. 

A video and few photos of the EVO-6 concept follow.