Harley Davidson's new ad campaign: "To each his own religion." 

The campaign, launched on November 18 and titled sends a clear message that the fans of motorcycles may identify. It is available in outdoor and in newspapers in the region of Quebec, Canada. 


On the advertisement at the top a cross is shown split in two, the right side is a motorcycle. 
On the advertisement at the bottom  a face of a Muslim woman wearing a veil can be seen at the left side, while at the right side a western woman wearing a helmet and an H-D scarf is shown.

"The association between religion and Harley-Davidson was a natural. Passion of riders towards this brand and the spirit of community that surrounds it approaches a true religion. The campaign allows Harley-Davidson strengthen this position by communicating a positive message and respecting the fundamental values embodied in a brand; Freedom." said William Genest, creative director.