This is an RX-7GP limited edition, underlining the special bond with the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. The price in Italy is 1099¤. In the last years Arai produces every year a special edition of the famous race. It is based on the race-ready RX-7 GP model. The  RX-7GP IOMTT 14 is designed also by Aldo Drudi, under his signature ¡¢D-Perf¢¢. 
The top Italian designer has again created his own inimitable identity for the Arai RX-7 GP helmet and this year¢s offering features the famously evocative words ¡Ellan Vannin¢ (the Manx name for the Isle of Man), the three legged triskelion logo, the map of the famous mountain course and also comes with the official TT logo, identifying authentic products.