Honda CBR 125Ri (2004-2010): If men differ from boys only to the cost of their toys, then this cbr is definitely a teenager’s toy…

    Engine: The little liquid cooled 124.7 c.c. engine produces kind of linear output. At the lower powerband its weak, it needs to be revved to produce some output. In order to accelerate, rider has to keep revs higher than 8000 rpm, maximum nominal torque 1.04 Kgm at 8250 rpm. From that figure to the rev limiter at 12000 rpm, fair power is produced, the nominal figure is 13.4 bhp at 10000 rpm.
    Practically on minor uphill roads the speed indication of 100 Km/h will be achieved, and top indicated speed of 120 Km/h, of course, rider only. Gearbox requires a considerable amount of motion travel to shift a gear.
    Fuel injection was installed on 2007.
    Riding position: The seat is at a relatively low height and is a narrow one, thus even a short rider will step firm feet on the ground, even if he moves his body backwards, towards the pillion seat. The width of the CBR is really tiny, as is the height and length of the bike. Rider is positioned over the minimal bike, riding position is towards neutral side. The weight feels average considered the engine capacity and center of gravity feels low. Using physics terminology, rider feels as riding a massive particle… Suspension is soft, however does the job done.
    On the road : On urban rides steering radius is fair. It results in large turning radius, which is something for Honda to improve, as town rides is what mainly this bike will serve for. Considering the teenager target group that this bike aims to, town rides are satisfactory.  Older riders will not really like it. Therefore despite the almost comfortable riding position, the CBR feels like a tiny and underpowered superpsort bike and this will be tedious for older riders.
    The width is really small. However filtering will not be as easy as expected, because the mirror’s height is the same with that of car mirrors. Feedback to the rider is really good from suspension and at the same time road imperfections are highly absorbed.
     On B roads handling is confidence inspiring, steady, neutral, resulting in firm rides and a heavier bike feeling than what is expected. Engine and tyres will set the game limits. On a highway it will be really rare for a CBR 125 to be seen, as it will not inspire any confidence. The front brake is decent, providing average feedback though, the rear is OK.
     Comments: Riding position feels tiresome after an hour on the saddle, especially for the taller riders. Future customer will get a motorcycle-moped: A motorcycle’s handling on the road, together with a moped’s engine performance, up to 8000 rpm, excuse moi.

Price cbr 125 i R9 : 3450 €




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Thanks to the motorcycle shop Baxevanis - Honda, tel.+302109237000, Kalirois 12, Athens, Greece, for the test ride.


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