From March 2010 that this website was created up to November 2013, some 1527 questionnaires have been answered. 

     The latest answers were sent to: Erpeto, Δεν έχω, deykalion, ΑΝΤΩΝΙΟ, giorgos, νικος, Alxgr, giannisfr88, demis, Dimitris VR, anthypas, spyros70, fotakos, ΑΚΗΣ, Γιάννης, kurpi21, Aftershock, kritikos, Mike I, Κυριάκος, Beethoven, Ezo, kotsos21, γιαννης, SURF, makisV, jorge, Aleksandros, bibila, νιονιο13, Αρης, bigjohn, katraman, Rider, κωστας, stom, trolino, νικος, Κωνσταντό, antonis, kostas, alexo4562, nick tzio, maxhtis, basilis, Βαγγελης, Στέφανος, dimos, caminante, teo, Τασος, μανιταρακιας, ζανιτος, kim, ΛΟΥΚΙΑ, kokinkon, Zulhelmie Pajariah, Σταύρος, dimitris, Dim, xrhstos, Νίκος, Helmoutx, yannis4359, Φορτηγό, alext, herk, Doohan, Μοντεχρηστος, anapofasistos, RORY FOR EVER, sori, William, anty, πανος, Giannis, ΓΠΑ, sam, chipa, MARIO, Sotosael, Κώστας, panos8887, baz, eleni2001, TAXBRA, Malice.
     Average waiting time for an answer has been increased to about one month, due to amount of work that has to be done.

     From November 2013 the questionnaires section has been paused, since there was not sufficient time to answer. After all, this website is one man’s effort, on his spare time…