Project bike. Spiliotis-Yamaha Crypton X 135: very angry Crypton

      The Yamaha Crypron X special 135 under test, has been modified by Mike Spiliotis. It had clocked just 2524 km, thus the run in of the engine was not completed.

     Engine: The standard liquid-cooled 134.4 c.c. engine, featuring a semi-automatic gearbox, is improved to the following points: SP Hexagonal complete exhaust system, Pipercross air filter, SP improved fuel flow, clutch kit, Beringer clutch lever, racing gearbox.
     Actually engine requires careful warm up. Engine noise is loud, the reverse operation of the gearbox will require some adapting time by inexperienced riders. Upshifting from first to fourth gear, the lever has to be pressed downwards. The opposite of course should be followed when downshifting. Transmission travel is relatively increased.
     Engine power is increased throughout the rev range compared to the stock model, performance is not outstanding though. However, as described in the evaluation of the stock model published here, run in improves performance at a great extent. Thus the performance of Spiliotis-Yamaha Crypton X135 obtained, was not indicative of the expected engine output.
     Riding position: The seat height is low. The thickness of the saddle is narrow. There is no comfort obtained on the saddle of this Crypton. Its like sitting on a wooden board.
     The width of the saddle is constant, so every rider regardless of his height will step both feet confident on the ground. The same applies if rider is sited towards the rear of the saddle. In addition to the above, the design of the saddle is really beautiful. From the other hand the seat is functional, resulting in a sporty riding mood.
     The dimensions of the Crypton are small. To weight of the bike is moderate, there is no distinguishing difference with the stock model. Center of gravity is low. The adjustable racing footrests are positioned too far behind. Riding position is clearly sporty, almost a drag racing one. Rider feels mostly in, just slightly on the Crypton.
     On the road: The fork and the shock absorber are uniformly trimmed, actually they are quite firm. There are YSS valves at the fork, while a nitrogen YSS shock absorber is used. A motoGP type swing arm has been installed.
     Finally, the factory fitted IRC T-spec tyres are still used. Their dimensions are standard, 60/100-17 front and 80/90-17 rear. They are considered to be a moderate choice.
     As one might expect, the Spiliotis-Yamaha Crypton X 135 is an absolute bike. On urban rides, only the ultimate sporty bike fans will be satisfied. The suspension is firm, the riding position absolutely sporty, while comfort is ... an endangered species, the sound of the exhaust really loud. Road imperfections are immediately noticeable. Curiously though, the saddle is not really tiring during short city rides.
     Steering lock is the same with the standard model, that is excellent.
     On B-roads, stability is improved compared to the stock model, agility is not really affected. Handling is neutral and agile.
     At the fast pace, feedback to the rider is still relatively good, another improved area compared to the stock model X. Tyres fitted do not improve handling though, which may be solved by  a tyre change to a softer alternative.
     Disc brakes are used front and rear, Hel steel braided lines. A Beringer braking pump and Brembo disc brake are equipped at the front. These result in a very strong front brake, providing good feedback and initial bite, another point that makes a tyre change necessary. The rear brake provides relatively good stopping power and feedback.
     The brakes are equivalent of this Crypton class, demanding a tyre change when riding on low-average friction factor roads. On high friction factor streets, these brakes are superb.
     Comments: There are many body parts which are changed, carbon fiber has been extensively used.
     The improvements applied to the standard Crypton have altered the character of the moped. Actually there is no relation to the standard one, except from engine performance, where there is a proportionality, as long as the engine run in is not completed.
     It is not important that these improvements were conducted to a rather humble moped, the result is an ultimate bike, a really straight forward character.
     Stock factory fitted tyres, are a limiting factor for the potential of this bike. However its obviously a very improved bike compared to the stock model.
     Of course, urban rides or leisure riding is not an area of interest in any ultimate sports bike project. However in order to point out the differences with the stock model and for reasons of uniformity among the bike reviews of this website, these riding aspects were also examined. Although its subjective, the design of this project bike is excellent.
Indicative price: 5000

+ Absolute sensation

+ Handling

+ Brakes

- Comfort

- Uni dimensional


Thanks to Yamaha Center Spiliotis, Thivwn 129, Peristeri, Athens, Greece, tel. +302105777906, for the bike test.


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