Yamaha YBR 125 (2005-current): Simplicity...

     The bike tested was used, it had clocked 12960 Km.

     Engine: The single cylinder, two valves, air cooled 124 c.c. engine produces 10 bhp/7800 rpm and 0.98 Kgm/ 6000 rpm, claimed values.
     Under full throttle acceleration first gear produces 40 Km/h very fast, second gear 60 Km/h quickly, third gear 87 Km/h adequately, fourth gear 100 Km/h moderately, while fifth gear 105 Km/h slowly.
     Riders showing no mercy for engine operation will notice that rev limiter intervenes at 11000 rpm. Engine linearity will be satisfying for the rider. Fuel consumption is very low indeed.
     Riding position: The seat height is low, 780 mm, which together with the short width of the saddle result in a confident foot on the road even for shorter riders. ItĘs a comfortable seat also.
     The width and the height of the bike are small, the length is normal. The weight of the bike feels average for the standards of the category, that means relatively light generally speaking. Its 125 nominal Kgs, full.
     Rider is positioned in and over the bike, riding position is comfortable, mainly due to the high handlebar.
     On the road: Suspension adjustment is soft. Two shock absorbers are equipped at the rear, which may be adjusted to spring preload.
     The tyres fitted at the bike under test were Michelin Pilot Sporty, dimensions 2.75-18 front and 90/90-18 rear. They are an exceptional choice for the specific bike.
     On urban rides the Ybr 125 is a user friendly, nimble, comfortable and very relaxing bike. The comfortable riding position, the small-weak engine and the relatively good damping of road imperfections, provide good riding quality.
     Actually road imperfections damping is inferior to what is expected by the 18 inch wheels and the soft suspension adjustment. The two shocks at the rear feel slightly harder than the fork.
     Steering lock is absolutely stunning. Some great poems could have been written because of this specific steering lock. Well, …almost. It makes commuting exceptional though, as the Ybr is unstoppable due to the steering lock.
     Filtering is very good due to the bikeĘs small width. The height of the handlebar is the same with that of car mirrors. The height of the YbrĘs mirrors is slightly lower than SUVsĘ mirrors. If rider cannot exploit filtering, due to the exceptional steering lock, he will easily maneuver the Ybr through traffic.
     Consequently commuting downtown will be very easy on the Ybr. Riding out of town, the weak engine will start to ask for compromises, which will become a disadvantage on long straight roads.
     On B-roads the Ybr 125 is very agile. Its also stable, just the percentage needed, at the same time. The short, 1290 mm, wheelbase is responsible for the increased agility. On high friction factor streets, feedback to the rider when cornering is good. Ōn low friction factor roads, feedback to the rider is relatively good.
     At the fast pace, depending on the friction factor, rider will notice the bike getting light, which should be expected. The YbrĘs handling is an advantage for this bike, providing confidence to the rider.
     On the highway, due to the weak engine, the Ybr will get tiring for the rider, or it will run breathless, at a slow pace. Cruising speed is 90 Km/h which is not adequate for such a use.
     Ń single 245 mm disk brake, single pot caliper at the front and a drum brake at the rear are used. Braking is powerful, rider will be satisfied by the power provided.
     On average friction factor streets, the wheels may be locked under braking, first to be locked will be the rear wheel.
     On high friction factor streets, braking is very powerful, power provided is very usable. Feedback to the rider is relatively good.
     Comments: A kick start is available, despite the electric start. The rack-pillion handgrip will make everyday riding easier. It is considered to be a bike which could be repaired by the owner, easily.
     There are three versions according to the importing country, naked, half faired and custom. From 2008 onwards, fuel injection replaced the carburetor used.
     Build quality is the most important disadvantage, especially on early versions. Some people may claim that it depends on the owner. However, build quality does not really conform to YamahaĘs high standards.
     As a result a careful owner is required to keep in shape the Ybr as years go by.
     Riding is user friendly and safe at the same time, which addresses to young-novice riders who just got their riding license.
     However the design of the naked version doesnĘt look like youthful. Its clearly conservative.

Price new: 2450 Euros, price used: 1500 Euros

+ Commuting downtown

+ Handling

- Quality build

- Conservative design which addresses to mature riders, while the character of the bike addresses also to novice riders.

More, specifications

Thanks to the motorcycle company V.A. Andriopoulos S.A. , Yamaha's official dealer for Patras area, tel.+302610453904-2610452409, Amerikis 63, Patras, Greece, for the test ride.


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