Harley Davidson FXDB Dyna Street Bob (2006-current): Legal fun

     Engine: The V twin, air cooled, fueled by injection, six-speed 1584 c.c. (96 c. inches) engine, delivers 72 bhp and 12.54 kgm / 3125 rpm torque, claimed values.

     Actually , the first striking feature at idle, is the vibrations deriving from the engine. If the bike is set at the kick-stand, engine at idle, the handlebar vibrates as if it is directly connected to a pneumatic drill ....
     Vibrations will be felt throughout the power band, however they are really weak, providing a nice riding feel. Engine torque is excellent, providing instant thrust any time. Engine operation is really nice, its distinguishable from any other bike, Harleys exempted.
     In the case that data concerning engine performance should be provided, that would not be a thrilling experience either for the bike or the rider-visitor of the website.
     The torque available is exploited to produce the required thrust, engine is striving if revs are kept high, rider can feel that, performance obtained is greatly inferior to what may be expected by a 1548 c.c. engine. A belt drive is used.
     Riding position: The height of the single seat is very low, 680 mm. Even really short riders will step both feet very firm on the ground, while they will feel very comfortable riding, despite the considerable saddle width. The width of the bike is average, the height of the bike is small. On the contrary the length of the bike is really large.
     Rider is placed mainly in the bike, riding position may be perceived neutral, there is one exception though: The handlebar is considerably high, riderĘs arms are stretched to the front. Its really good for the rider to be hang… sorry holding.
     The weight of the Street Bob is considerable, 305 Kgs nominal curb and it feels like that.
     On the road: The fork is soft, while the two rear shock absorbers feel relatively firm. The only possible adjustment for the rider is the spring preload at the rear shocks.
     The dimensions of the tyres are 100/90 – 19 at the front and 160/70 – 17 at the rear.
     The relaxed nature of the bike is reflected on any ride. On urban rides, Street Bob will be a satisfying bike as long as riderĘs expectations are not high. On traffic congested streets e.g. downtown, rider should also be the owner of a moped for the everyday riding needs.
     At the process of filtering the handlebar height is the same with SUV mirrors!
     Steering lock is average, town rides will be tolerable.
     Street imperfections are absorbed relatively well, normally rider will not complain, considered the nature of the bike.
     On B- roads agility is just average. Slow steering geometry makes rides a tad more relaxing than usual. It is worth mentioning that the wheelbase is 1630 mm.
     If rider wishes for a higher pace, feedback provided is moderate. In case it was not, a high handlebar should be mounted on motoGP bikes also.
     At such a pace, on low friction factor streets, the fork feels abstracted, if riders persists further understeer is on the way.
     On high friction factor roads, the pegs will be dragging. Again, there is no point in pushing the bike to the limits.
     On the highway, rider will comprehend why motorcycles like the Street Bob are being built. Everything seems natural. Cruising at 80 Km/h or more, the engine sounds so sweet. The same feeling is provided by the minor engine vibrations. Its like fondling a velvet cloth.
     This feeling will reward rider for any strain he may suffered on town centre rides. The sensation derived cannot be compared with what a speed junkie could expect, who may think that its boring to cruise with a speed of 80-130 Km/h.
     However one of the reasons that motorcycles like the Street Bob are being built is to provide pleasant rides on the endless American highways and this is accomplished superbly on any straight on such a speed.
     Around 140 Km/h air resistance feels tiring, a cruising speed of 150 Km/h is almost impossible. The high handlebar is mainly the reason for that. Curiously enough, riderĘs hands donĘt get tired easily on the highway.
     The brakes of the bike are powerful, providing just average feedback though. A single 300 mm disc brake four pots caliper is equipped at the front, a 292 mm disc brake, two piston caliper at the rear.
     Reliability: There have not been reported any problems. It should be expected as the output power of this big engine is quite low in terms of modern standards. A 1952 air-cooled ¬mw R51/3 produced 24 bhp by 500 c.c., which is about the same ratio bhp/cc. Quality build is very good.
     Model history: It was introduced in 2006 with a 1449 cc engine. In 2007 the engine capacity was increased to 1584 cc.
     Comments: This is a pretty basic version of a Harley. There is a button for the left indicator and one for the right indicator at each side on the handlebar. The cancellation of the indicatorsĘ operation, is set automatically. Actually this works quite well. This model is sold with a single saddle, just for the rider. Another optional single saddle for the pillion costs around 200 §. There is a long list of optional equipment available for the Street Bob, including various seats. This is typical for Harley bikes.
     The embossed metal logo on the black fuel tank provides a mean look to this impressive bike.
     The Street Bob is based on the big class introductory model by Harley-Davidson which is the Dyna Super Glide, also very basic in terms of standard provided equipment. The simplicity of the bike is one of the most dominant characteristics.
     The name  Bob on Harley models is due to a trend where former military motorcycles after World War II were modified with tall handlebars, fat tyres, low saddle. Everything else was considered to be useless, was kept back to the shelve. The company's attempt to convey that spirit in modern times is a successful one.
     Ń distinctive velvety feel on the highway is there for the rider, although its not the most suitable model of the range for traveling. Also its not the most representative model by Harley in terms of chrome show off.
     An absolute bike has just been described. It will ask for compromises on every field of use except leisure rides and cruising. That makes an absolute leisure and asphalt roads browsing bike.
     If its not judged by these criteria, several disadvantages will puzzle an uninformed rider.
     Street BobĘs review is shorter than usual compared to latest evaluations by www.moto-choice.com, lacking in some areas of specific data. This is because after a while, the man conducting the test, ceased writing down notes, he just ... enjoyed the rides.
     After 150 motorcyclesĘ reviews, its the first time this has happened! Some strict instructions were given to the tester (Dimitris Moustakis) by the publishing director (Dimitris Moustakis), concerning precise notes needed for the website. Bikes under test, should not be used for leisure rides!

Price: 16700§

+ Absolute sensation

+ A low priced Harley, given this engine capacity

- Standard only equipment

- Dear customers, leisure rides and cruising only please.

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