The Skully AR-1 is a DOT/ECE certified helmet, which will be made in USA. It will be launched in 2014. The helmet features a HUD which can be paired and voice controlled with a smart phone via Bluetooth. A 180 ˚ rear view camera is also standard mounted at the rear. The HUD provides the view from the camera at the rear and   GPS directions. The rider may listen to music or make a phone call. ิhe battery range is 9 hours. 

Thus the AR-1 is a helmet providing an alternative solution to the add-on HUD components available. There are certain issues to be clarified, eg the weight of the helmet and certainly the quality of the helmet, as the price is expected to be high.

However it is an innovation concerning helmet features and who knows? Maybe in the future many helmets will be manufactured with a standard HUD.