Following French tyre manufacturer MichelinĘs official tender, Dorna is pleased to announce that Michelin is to become the Official Tyre Supplier to MotoGP as of the 2016 World Championship season. At the beginning of May 2014 Dorna, in agreement with the FIM, opened a tender for tyre manufacturers interested in becoming Official Tyre Supplier to MotoGP from the 2016 season. 

Interested tyre manufacturers were able to request the technical specifications from DornaĘs Managing Director Javier Alonso, with three potential tyre suppliers initially expressing an interest – before Michelin alone made a formal tender before the 22nd May deadline. The next step in the process will be the drawing out of a commercial agreement between Dorna and Michelin as Official Tyre Supplier, Michelin having already clearly proven its technical abilities to respond to the needs of a demanding Grand Prix racing schedule. ‘his agreement will define the number and types of tyres to be provided. 
Michelin was supplying tyres in MotoGP up to 2008, winning 26 Championships in MotoGP from 1976, while from 2009 Bridgestone was the sole provider. From 2016 the tyre dimension will be 17 inches once more in MotoGP. 
Additionally the use of 340 mm carbon front brake rotors instead of 320 mm will be an option for the Teams from Mugello onwards, instead of the compulsory size of 320mm, which was specified in order to compress the costs for the Teams.


Bridgestone will withdraw from motoGP at the end of 2015

After seven years of collaboration it has been announced yesterday in agreement with Dorna that Bridgestone will withdraw from the role of Official Tyre Supplier to MotoGP at the end of 2015 season. 
Dorna, in agreement with the FIM, has decided to call a tender for tyre manufacturers interested in becoming Official Tyre Supplier to MotoGP from the 2016 season. 
The Tender application started yesterday, the 1st May 2014, and will conclude on the 22nd May 2014. 
Dorna Sports SL wishes to thank Bridgestone for the years of great collaboration and success in the championship.


Bridgestone introduces new slick tyre marking system for 2014 MotoGP 

From the first race of the 2014 season, Bridgestone will employ a new colour marking system for its MotoGP tyres to make it easier for spectators to see which front and rear tyre options each rider is using at a given time. 
The change in the tyre marking system has been devised in response to the Factory and Open-class machines having access to different rear slick options over a race weekend. The old marking system denoted the softer option tyre at each race with a white stripe, regardless of the compound specification of that tyre. The new system means that each of the four slick tyre compounds - Extra-soft, Soft, Medium and Hard – will have its own particular colour for the whole race season. 
This change will make it easier for fans to distinguish between the Factory and Open-class tyre allocation, and also distinguish the different front and rear tyre combinations available to riders over a race weekend. 

The colour scheme for the 2014 Bridgestone MotoGP slick tyres is as follows: 
• Extra-soft compound: Green 
• Soft compound: White 
• Medium compound: Black (no stripe) 
• Hard compound: Red 
 As only two options of wet tyre will be offered for each MotoGP round; wet tyres will still adopt the previous marking system with the plain, black tyre denoting the harder option, while the softer option will be marked with a white stripe.