The newest versions of the Predator are street legal by now, as they comply with the ECE and DOT standards. The basis is either a Nolan or an HJC helmet. The price is $780 (560 Euros) for the Predator 3 and $810 (580 Euros) for the restyled Predator 4. There are also some extras to be ordered (LEDS, scars, lazer, etc), whilst the worldwide shipping is free.


The Russian made NLO Predator 2 helmet is based on IXS motorcycle helmet. Predator helmet does not conform with the DOT or ECE standards. The weight of the helmet is 1.8 kgs (3.9 lbs). In case of a helmet-haircut the weight could get lighter!

Small smoked or clear visors may be fitted. The size of the visor is probably the reason for the non-conformity with the known standards and the limited aperture could be frustrating to new bikers wearing this helmet. Two AAŃ batteries are also required, powering the triple LED light for a more macho-alien look. The price is 600 Euros or 780 USD for the base model. 

In case that this helmet looks really mean to some fellow bikers, NLO has manufactured the Selty Sturluson's helmet, which is also cheaper, (454 Euros or 590 USD). Thus, there is a helmet for every taste. Well, sort of!