The Ducati Panigale Superleggera is officially unveiled

The Ducati Superleggera was officially unveiled yesterday. Since the specs revealed further below are valid, there are only some details to be filled. The power exceeds 200 bhp/11500 rpm and the torque is 13.66 kgm/ 10200 rpm (99 ft lbs) nominal figures. The valve clearance adjustment intervals are 12000 km though. The warranty is two years, unlimited mileage, which is quite good for a racing bike. 

Two 330 mm rotors are equipped at the front together with Brembo monobloc 4 piston M50 radial callipers. The top of the shelf electronic systems are there for the rider, fully ride by wire, ABS, power/riding modes, traction control, wheelie control, etc. 

A racing kit is available for the happy owner, consisting basically of two silencers and some minor extras. The website http://www.project1201/ is open to the public, to see the bike. The price is $65000, (§ 47200).

The racing kit, + 5 bhp


Ducati Panigale Superleggera: New photos, some specifications and a dyno chart!

The Ducati Panigale Superleggera could be available with two exhausts options, standard and racing. The difference in output will be 5bhp, that is 200 bhp in the first case and 205 bhp at the second. The dry weight of the bike is 155 kg (341.7 lbs). The price could be the double of the Ducati Panigale R. 


Dry weight 155 kg (342 lb) 
Kerb weight without fuel 166 kg (366 lb) 
Kerb weight 177 kg (390 lb) 
Seat height 830 mm (32.7 in) 
Fuel tank capacity 17 l (4.5 US gallons) 
Number of seats Single seat 

Component Weight Saved (vs. 1199 Panigale R) 
Carbon fibre fairings and assorted pieces -1.0Kg (-2.2lb) 
Magnesium alloy Monoscocca mainframe -1.0Kg (-2.2lb) 
Carbon fibre rear subframe -1.2Kg (-2.7lb) 
Titanium exhaust system -2.5Kg (-5.5lb) 
Forged and machined magnesium wheels -1.0Kg (-2.2lb) 
Lithium-Ion battery -2.0Kg (-4.4lb) 
Custom front fork and rear shock -1.4Kg (-3.1lb) 
Superbike pistons -194g (-.4lb) 
Tungsten-balanced crankshaft -396g (-.9lb) 
SBK chain and rear sprocket, and various carbon fibre parts, fasteners, and machined-from-billet components -1.3Kg (-2.9lb) 
12Kg (26.5lb) overall (wet) weight savings vs. 1199 Panigale R 

The dyno chart, here are the crank figures, reveals a racing engine operation, anything above 7000 rpm should be catapulting the bike forward!


Scoop: The Ducati Panigale Superleggera

The livery reminds of the Desmosedici, the price should be in the region of §60000-$80000. Probably this bike will race at the EVO category in the following WSBK season. Ducati has given the bike the code name project 1201. Future owners are invited by a letter for their interest and they may enter the special website of the company www.project1201.ducati.com, by typing their username and password, which reminds of FerrariĘs treatment to the VIP clients. 


The Superleggera will be officially unveiled on November 4th, just before the Eicma motor show. This photo was taken at a Ducati dealersĘ meeting in New Orleans, USA.


Ducati Superleggera Panigale R is teased by a new video and a micro-site

Ducati has produced a new video of the upcoming superlight (superleggera in Italian) superbike. 

Additionally the invited customers (!) may enter the micro-site of the Superleggera, http://project1201.ducati.com/en.

As it can be seen further below this is an invitation to Jim Gianatsis for the Superleggera, this motorcycle  is called Project 1201. The bike will be unveiled just before the Eicma show.



Ducati Panigale R Superleggera: Sales begin with an invitation from DucatiĘs Claudio Domenicali! 

The invitation to selected customers comes together with a photo of the special parts on the floor, that is almost everything. This bike is extensively upgraded compared to the Panigale R!


‘he Ducati Panigale Senna limited edition: 161 bikes, Brazil only

Only 161 motorcycles will be manufactured, the number stands for SennaĘs 161 F1 races. 
The bike is a Panigale S equipped with a racing exhaust. The color of the bike is grey which together with the red wheels was SennaĘs choice of the 916 superbike when he visited the Italian motorcycle factory only a few weeks before the crash in Imola circuit which claimed his life.


2013/10/4, updated

A limited production Ducati Panigale is on the way:The Panigale R Superleggera: 220 bhp, 165 kg (364 lbs) dry.

The power / weight ratio is explosive, this rumored upcoming superbike will be 18 kg (40 lbs) lighter than a Panigale R! 
The Superleggera will be DucatiĘs lightest superbike: many parts will be made of carbon, magnesium and titanium. 
Specifically, according to rumors the frame and wheels are made of magnesium, the subframe is carbon and the exhaust is titanium. It will feature the latest electronics package and it will cost about $70000-50000 Euros. The number of bikes to be produced will be the least to get a FIM homologation, that is 500. It could be introduced at the Eicma motor show in Milan.



Ducati Launch 1199 Panigale RS13 at Cologne

This is the stunning new 1199 Panigale RS13, a race-ready customer version of the 1199 Panigale, which is eligible for most domestic and world superbike series. The Ducati Corse prepared machine is the real deal, and gives race teams the opportunity to go racing without having to start the process with a stock 1199, then do all this to it. 

     The RS13 comes fully track-ready, meaning – in theory at least – that a team could be competitive with nothing more than suspension set-up, electronics tweaks, fuel, and a top rider. 

     2012/9/29      In about six weeks, Ducati will be unveiling its 2013 model line-up. The star of the show will be the new liquid-cooled Hypermotard, but the Italian brand has several other new models it plans on debuting as well. As an example the Ducati 1199 Panigale R is expected to be making its debut at Milan. 
     Visually similar to the Ducati 1199 Panigale S Superstock bike that debuted last year at Milan, the obvious differences to the Panigale R and Panigale S will be the bare aluminum gas tank. Other cosmetic changes include a bevy of carbon pieces, race graphics, and of course the obligatory “R” designation emblazoned on the side of the PanigaleĘs fairing. 

     Go-fast changes include a full-exhaust system (naturally), but what track day connoisseurs will really enjoy is the Ducati 1199 Panigale RĘs freshly massaged motor. The Panigale has gained another 500 in rpm at the spectrum, which are surprisingly only giving out a slight boost to the PanigaleĘs 195hp base. Instead, DucatiĘs aim has been to increase the power band of the Panigale R, broadening the peaky motor. 

     The 2013 Ducati 1199 Panigale R also features some minor chassis geometry changes. For the discerning few who want to own one, expect to shill out roughly $30,000 USD.