Kawasaki has announced a 2013 special edition of ZZR1400. The 1441cc 4-in-line engine delivers 200 bhp which combined with the Ram Air can climb to 210 bhp. The frame is monocoque aluminium. An ABS is equipped. 


     Rider may toggle the LCD screen using the upper/lower buttons, and easily scroll through fuel consumption, remaining range, battery voltage, external temperature, traction control level, etc. There's even an "eco" indicator on the LCD screen that lets rider know when they're getting maximum economy and fuel mileage. 

ZZR-1400 S.E.

     A sportier suspension is in place for a better, firmer feel, while the revised transmission ensures an enhanced power delivery to the rear wheel. The colours are new for the 2013 Kawasaki ZZR1400 Special Edition. 

ZZR-1440 S.E.