The new Aprilia RSV4 range consists of two models: the RSV4 R ABS and RSV4 Factory ABS. For 2014 except from some changes (the most important are the ABS and a 4.5 bhp gain), the RSV4 R ABS is offered in classic black matt Competition matt black and in the new red; RSV4 Factory ABS is now available in the only one and new color Absolute black.


The new RSV4 Factory APRC ABS SBK Special Edition available in North America.

     A new Special Edition RSV4 has been introduced in North American market. Except from the new colour scheme, a higher engine power output is produced, 181,5 bhp and 11.89 kgm (86 ft lbs) torque at the crank. 
     The new ABS Bosch 9MP system is featured, weighing in at just 2 kg, (4.4 lbs) which can be disengaged and adjusted to 3 different levels. Each of these 3 ABS mappings can be combined with any of the 3 engine maps (Track, Sport, Road), in order to allow riders with different experience and skill levels to find the best possible combination for their style. 

      In their details, the 2013 models in the new Aprilia RSV4 range can be distinguished by the different front mudguard finish (only the R version), a brand new satin-finish for the headlight assembly and the new exhaust silencer bottom. 
      The fuel tank total capacity is increased from 17 to 18.5 litres (4.5 to 4.8 gallons). 
     New Brembo M430 radial mounted monoblock front callipers are featured as well as radial master cylinder on the handlebar. 
     The rear brake calliper was replaced with a more advanced and more efficient one, perfecting the combination with the new front brake. 
     The height of the saddle off the ground was lowered to 840 mm. (33.1 in). The price will be announced next week.