Corbin claims that the new saddles are ergonomically corrected seating platforms built up of high-density Comfort Cell foam. Thus they provide surprising comfort value. 

Ninja 300

Concerning bikes with two seats, Corbin's front saddle is shaped like the body to create a greater area of body contact and proper weight distribution, the Corbin saddle eliminate pressure points and increases riding range. 


Built firm to stay resilient and support the body all day. The rear seat is built to give racebike looks with a shape like a race cowling. On the inside, the saddle is built with the same high quality Comfort Cell foam to provide good passenger support. 

NC 700X

The Corbin rear seat is suitable for short - mid range passengers despite the radical appearance. Corbin's front and rear saddles work with in conjunction with your stock seating components and the factory seat cowl if desired. 
They address to many motorcycles, here are some indicative bike models only.

CRF 250L