The W800 is the latest evolution of Kawasaki's W series motorcycles. The origins of the W series can be traced to the W1, which made its debut in 1966 and boasted the largest engine capacity of any Japanese motorcycle at the time.
     The W1 also laid the foundation for Kawasaki's subsequent rise as a manufacturer of large motorcycles and it inaugurated the W series brand that has since matured over the long course of 45 years. Its continuing legacy now thrives also with the W800.

     With an air-cooled, 4-stroke, parallel twin-cylinder SOHC 4-valve long-stroke engine (773 cm3), the W800 inherits the W series traditional vertical twin*. Its engine generates a maximum torque at 2,500 rpm to provide not only strong power and control at low- and mid-range engine speeds but also a satisfying comfortable vibration and deep throb. With a fuel system using fuel injection, the W800's advanced air-fuel ratio control realizes superior environmental performance to ensure compliance with the new Japanese emissions regulations.

     The W800 also realizes easy handling thanks to its combination of narrow, large-diameter tires and traditional-style suspension. Riders will enjoy a distinctive riding feel reminiscent of a vintage motorcycle.
     From the chrome-plated emblem that proudly adorns the W800's slender fuel tank to its deeply pleated tuck-and-roll seat, the simple yet elegant design of the W800 bespeaks the eternal beauty of motorcycles. Its generous use of chrome-plated and polished metals on the front-fender and other parts not only give the W800 a high-quality feel but also make its carefully finished, high-gloss surfaces glow.

     Concurrently, Kawasaki will also release the W800 Special Edition of a special specification which will have its engine and other exterior parts finished in black, and wheels installed with gold-colored rims. *A parallel twin-cylinder engine in which the cylinders are placed in an upright position.

Key Features

Engine: - Inherits the W series traditional vertical twin, with an air-cooled, 4-stroke, parallel twin-cylinder SOHC 4-valve long-stroke engine (773 cm3) with a 360-degree crank shaft and heavy flywheels. It generates a maximum torque at 2,500rpm to provide not only strong power and control at low- and mid-range engine speeds but also a satisfying vibration and deep throb. - Distinctive engine exterior has cylinders that run upright from the crankcase, deep cooling fins that are cut into the cylinders, and bevel gearbox mounted right of the engine. The polished and chrome-plated parts provide the kind of beautiful quality-feel that only metal can produce. - Equipped with fuel injection. The advanced air-fuel ratio control for cleaner emissions and superior startability. - Traditionally styled Cabton-type muffler, and superior environmental performance thanks to large honeycomb catalyzers and optimized inner construction and shape.

- Traditionally designed double-cradle frame has 50mm box-section pipe for the main frame, and round pipe for the downtube and seat frame. The lightweight, compact construction delivers both stability and nimble handling.
- Conventional front-fork has 39mm diameter inner tubes and is equipped with fork boots that accentuate classical styling while protecting the inner tubes and seals. The preload on the twin rear shocks is adjustable for superior road holding and a comfortable ride.
- Equipped with narrow tires and large-diameter aluminum wheels (19 inches in front, 18 inches in rear). These deliver straight line stability and comfort alongside enjoyably forgiving handling. Front 300mm single disk brake provides stable braking, while the classical 160mm rear drum brake is designed for controllability.
- Classically designed tuck-and-roll seat with deep pleats provides a soft ride, while oversized seat width and length improve passenger comfort. Fuel tank with tapered sides also makes it easier for a riderĘs feet to reach the ground.
- Slim fuel tank with a beautifully designed line and carefully applied coating. Graphic conveys fine gradations and creates a beautiful look without perceptible gaps thanks to its use of water transfer decals. Kneepads on both sides of the tank not only make knee-gripping easier but also enhance the motorcycle's classical appearance.
- Chrome-plating on the front and rear fenders, mirrors, tank emblems and other parts. Incorporates various metals, including steel headlights and side covers and aluminum brake master cylinder and switch housing. High-quality feel with high-gloss surfaces that glow.

- Traditional analog twin speedometer and tachometer. For compactness and high-visibility, the speedometer's LCD screen displays odometer, tripmeter, and clock, while the tachometer includes indicator lights. - U-lock and ETC (electronic toll collection) unit can be stored in space beneath seat. Convenient grab bars on either side of the seat frame make it easier for a passenger to hold and maneuver the motorcycle when parking.
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