Two new colors for the 2014 Honda CB650F?


CBR650F and CB650F 
Two new bikes with a new four cylinder engine become the new threshold to entering the four cylinder Honda bikes.  A twin spar frame is featured, once again.

Scoop: The new Honda CBR650F and CB650F?


5 new motorcycles and a scooter by Honda: VFR800F (!), CB650F, CBR650F, CB250F, CTX 1300, NCX50.

According to a leaked document which looks to be legitimate, six new bikes should be introduced by Honda. Except from the bikes and scooters already at the showrooms, the new bikes mentioned are:

1) VFR800F: Probably it will feature the VFR800X engine although it is not known if the frame and the suspensions will derive also from the former VFR800F (1998 – 2009). Based on the new Honda strategy building different bikes over a unified platform eg the case of CBR500R-CB500F-CB500X, (the same bikes feature a 400 c.c. engine at the Japanese market), NC700 Integra-NC700X-NC700S, VFR1200F-VFR1200X, this could be valid. In terms of styling, the new bike could resemble to the VFR1200F. 
3) CBR650F: A picture has been published already in the news section. These two bikes are supposed to replace the Hornet and CBR600F, although its difficult to understand why Honda could drop two brilliant bikes in this motorcycle category. Cost related maybe? 
4) CB250F: This should be a naked CBR250R. It would be reasonable if softer suspensions were featured like the former and utterly usable CB 250 (1992-2003). However this was not the case either with the CB500X which derived from the CBR500R featuring the same suspensions. Since the CBR250R is again mentioned on the document, there could be an upgrade to the CBR. 
5) CTX1300: Will it be a bigger CTX700 cruiser intended again to the American market? 
6) The NCX50 scooter could be based on the new NSC50R.