On Sunday 2013/9/8 at La Charte, France, the trial de nations round was conducted. The Spanish Trial Dream Team excelled as it can be seen by the 89 points gap from the second team which was the British. Toni Bou , Adam Raga, Albert Cabestany and Jeroni Fajardo were the members of the Spanish team. This was the 10th successive time that this team won the title. 
The results are as follows: 1 Spain – 38, 2 UK-127, 3 France -141, 4 Italy-199, 5 Norway-383. 


ิhe Womens trial de nations was conducted also on Sunday. The British team managed to overcome the Spanish domination which ruled the sport for three years. It should be noted that the World Champion Laia Sanz missed the race as she had to defend her title in the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Cup. 
Results: 1 UK-16, 2 Spain-33, 3 Germany-40, 4 France-50, 5 Italy-76, 6 Australia-99.