'Biker Heaven' in Palmetto, Florida – USA: a place to ride for eternity 

For between $5,000 and $100,000, depending on how creative a rider wants to get, he can be buried in a special "Bikers Only" section of Skyway Memorial Gardens in Palmetto. The section, which opened Sunday, is aptly called "Biker Heaven." The idea of a cemetery having a special section for motorcycle enthusiasts got a positive response from the 60 bikers who went to Palmetto Sunday to see Biker Heaven and take part in an event of the same name, complete with a $500 first prize for the "Most Unique Bike.

"We have sections for Jewish, Catholics and Christians and we thought: 'Why not bikers?' "Bikers are very passionate people." Skyway Memorial, which opened in 1952 and has only developed 25 of its 43 acres, will work with bikers on any custom bike monuments or benches. Bikers can get an angel on a motorcycle monument or have a picture of themselves on their bike etched in black granite or even have their bike buried in a vault with them.