It is most likely that Marquez will be the 2013 motoGP World Champion and he will get the title either in Australia this weekend or at Motegi Japan, in ten days time. However the last race of the season will be the following one at Valencia on November 10th. Repsol Honda has produced an advertisement for that race and its all about MarquezĘs elbow dragging style. 

It was evident one year ago, as soon as he begun testing the 1000 c.c. motoGP Honda and up to now, there always have  been some very nice shots of his leaning to the limit. Speaking about it in the past, he said that when his elbow touches down, he understands that he can lean the bike a little further…Enjoy!


Marquez: The conditions for the Title!

Marc Marquez has been impressing to the MotoGP Championship, braking many records! What remains for the 20 y.o. HRC rider is to get the Championship title, which could occur in Australia. That would make him the youngest World Champion, by the time of Kenny Roberts, back in 1978! Here are the scenarios for the rookie Marquez to seize the motoGP Championship! 

- Marquez wins and Lorenzo finishes third or even lower 
- Marquez finishes second, Lorenzo 5th or lower and Pedrosa doesnĘt win. 
- Marquez is 3rd, Lorenzo 8th or lower and Pedrosa doesnĘt win. 
- Marquez is 4th, Lorenzo 11th or lower, Pedrosa 3rd or lower. 
- Marquez 5th, Lorenzo 13th or lower and Dani 4th or lower. 
- Marquez 6th, Lorenzo 14th or lower and Pedrosa 4th or lower 
- Marquez 7th, Lorenzo 15th or lower and Pedrosa 4th or lower 
- Marquez 8th, no points for Jorge and Dani 5th or lower 

The above assumptions are what statistics dictate, however the most possible scenario is the first, with Marquez winning in Australia and Lorenzo finishing third. 
It should be reminded that Marc Marquez acquired the moto2 title last year in Australia! 
Of course if non of the above combinations occur at Philip Island and the three top riders finish in any other order without injuries, Marquez will have a lot more chances to get the title on the next round at Motegi- Japan on the 26th of October!