Aprilia Atlantic 300 (2010-current): GT genes into the 300 c.c. scooter category.

     Engine: The single cylinder Quasar engine of 278.3 c.c., delivers 22.4 bhp/7500 rpm and 23.8Nm/5750 rpm, nominal values. Power provided is adequate for a nimble pace.

     The scooter reaches instantly the 35Km/h mark, very fast up to 60 Km/h, fairly fast the 80 Km/h, fast the 100 Km/h, top indicated speed at 140 Km/h. From 60 to 110 Km/h speed increases gradually. There are no vibrations coming from the engine.
     Riding position: The seat height is relatively low. The seat width is moderate at the front part. As a result of the above, even low riders will step a firm foot on the ground. The dimensions of the scooter are increased for the standards of the 300 c.c. category, especially the width. Compared to these standards, the weight feels average, centre of gravity feels right in the middle of the scooter.
     Rider is positioned comfortably in and on the scooter. If he moves his body backwards towards the pillionĘs seat, riding position is as comfortable as it can ever get, with truly relaxed angles for the feet and arms.
     On the road: Suspension is soft. The two shocks at the rear may be adjusted for preload in five increments, by hand. Tyres are Savva MC 28 Diamond, dimensions are 110-90/13 at the front and 130-70/13 at the rear.
     Town rides become an easy task as long as filtering or taking advantage of small traffic gaps is not necessary. Steering lock could be greater for the standards of the category. The weight and inertia of the bike will be evident on slow speed manoeuvring.
     During filtering the height of the handlebar is the same with that of car mirrors. The height of the mirrors of the bike is slightly greater than SUV mirrors. Due to the increased width of the bike, filtering is not really good.
     As a result of the above, some compromises will be asked when riding on congested streets. Road imperfections will be noticeable, mainly due to the small wheels.
     On B-roads or suburb streets, agility is top class, due to the small wheels. Changing direction is as easy as possible, the significance of the scooterĘs weight and dimensions is diminished. Rides on high friction B - roads are really good. There is no flexibility noticed.
     On low friction B-roads at the fast pace, confidence to the rider is reduced. Due to the small wheels, riding corrections are necessary during cornering. Feedback to the rider is vague, riding pace will slow down.
     On the highway its very stable up to the top speed. Under strong wind the scooter is affected a lot, especially if the ride is close to the top speed which results in unwelcomed oscillations. Without the effect of the wind, at very fast bends, the Atlantic feels very light, confidence to the rider is little.
     Air protection is good. At about 100 Km/h a vacuum will be noticed, pulling the rider to the front, especially if he bends forward, that is for lower riders. At speeds higher than 130 Km/h, vacuum is disturbing.

     Brakes are powerful. At the front, a 240 mm single disc brake and a three piston calliper are used. At the rear a 190 mm disc brake is used. The brake lines are made of steel. The front brake is relatively powerful , providing relatively good feedback to the rider. The rear brake is powerful , providing good feedback to the rider.
     Brakes are combined. Applying the rear brake, one of the three pistons at the front caliper is activated.
     Comments: The feet floor is not level. Actually its somewhat higher than the expected. The mirrors of the scooter are slightly to the front side of the Atlantic, which improves visibility.

     Storage spaces are generous. Under the seat there is a large storage space, much bigger than a full face helmet. Its equipped with a light and a 12V socket.
     There is a large gloves storage compartment at the front. Also a hook for shopping bags is available.
     The rack is robust, it will serve either as a carrying base, or a base for the optional 47litres top box available by Aprilia. ItĘs a practical handle to lift the scooter at the centre stand. A larger screen is also optional.

Price: 3900 §

+Storage space

+Quality built


-Rides on bumpy roads


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