Aprilia Shiver 750 (2010-current): Italian temperament for the masses.

     Engine: The twin cylinder, liquid cooled, fed via injection V 90 ° engine of 750 c.c. , is provided with ride by wire system. There are three engine operating modes, Rain, Touring and Sport. The engine sound is enjoyable beyond 5000 rpm. Rev limiter intervenes at 9800 rpm.
     Rain mode: Engine feels relatively underpowered. There are three distinctive increments in performance: at 4000 rpm, 6500 rpm and 9000 rpm.

     Touring mode: Power delivery is more powerful throughout the rev range. The three steps in performance can be noticed as described in the Rain mode, however they are less distinctive.
     Sport mode: Power delivery is very linear and instant throughout the power band, which makes it very easy to apply the throttle. Performance is quite good at the higher area of the power band.
     Perhaps turning off and on again the throttle, sometimes results in an abrupt engine operation, which will not eventually puzzle the rider.

     Riding position: The seat height is increased, riders with average height or higher will be satisfied.
     The width of the bike is average for the standards of the category. However the handlebar and the two plastic fuel tank protectors, at the sides of the tank, increase the total width.
     The bike feels relatively heavy, centre of gravity is high.
     Rider is positioned mainly over the bike, just slightly in it. Riding position is closer to the front wheel than normal, marginally inclined to the front. ItĒs a neutral riding position, creating alertness to the rider.
     The tyres fitted on the motorcycle tested were Dunlop Sportmax Qualifiers, size 120-70/17 at the front and 180-55/17 at the rear.
     On the road: Suspension firmness is average, tends slightly to the firm side, front and rear. There is not any shock linkage, the shock is parallel to the rear swing arm and the tubes of the Trellis frame.
     City rides are neutral, although Shiver provides a sporty feeling. As a result of the sporty orientation of the bike, street imperfections are not absorbed adequately on low speed riding. The handle bar provides good leverage to change direction. However, it is the average steering lock that on heavy traffic conditions it will be less than adequate. Together with the weight of the bike, slow speed traffic manoeuvring needs some planning, eventually not really satisfying sometimes.
     The height of the handlebar is somewhere between the mirrors of carĒs and SUVĒs. Thus despite the width of the handlebar, filtering is easy for the Shiver.
     On B- roads, Shiver provides a sporty feeling that will satisfy any rider. At this field of use, Shiver feels quite smaller than its actual size. Increased agility and neutral handling are combined, any given time. In other words its tempting yet robust. Feedback to the rider is very good, confidence to the rider is great. Road imperfections are absorbed adequately.
     At the fast pace on B-roads, feedback to the rider is decreased a little, its not comparable to that provided by supersports. However, riderĒs confidence remains almost the same. The exact balance between agility and firmness satisfies the rider.
     At a pace like this rider may feel the front end light and feedback somewhat vague. However itĒs a pace well beyond the character of the bike.
     On stickier rubber, handling will be further improved, although Shiver was not designed with the specifications of a track day tool.
     On the highway, speed travel will be limited around the 150 km/h mark. Air resistance is considerable above this speed. At 170 km/h air resistance is annoying.

     The ABS brakes are quite a pleasant surprise. Steel braided lines and wavy discs are used. The two front brake discs and four piston radial callipers provide a powerful braking power, strong initial bite and nice feedback to the rider.
     On slippery roads and in emergency braking, the ABS provides a relatively slow response. Rider can feel the front wheel instantly dragging and immediately after unblock. Of course this is not a problem for the rider.
     The relatively firm suspension at the front end prevents the excessive compression of the front under heavy braking , resulting to decent feedback.
     The rear disc brake featuring a single piston calliper is less powerful, providing average feedback. The combination of the front and rear brakes provides very powerful braking.
     Reliability: There were some early problems in the past with the right handlebar switch, specifically concerning the starter button. It was solved then, at the current model there is a new switch that fits also to the older model. There isnĒt any problem concerning the engine.
     Comments: Shiver boasts a European character, providing decent handling for the category standards. However comfort over road imperfections and traffic congestion usability are sacrificed.
     Although there are significant specifications differences, Shiver provides a riding sensation which resembles to a more everyday oriented riding to that of the expensive naked Italian bikes, specific brands are not to be mentioned.
     The design is very modern combining curves and sharp edges or angles. The indication of the selected speed at the gearbox is very useful. The indicators switch provides a rather loose feeling. The key lock is situated at the front of the fuel tank.
Price, ABS: 8770 Ī

+ Handling

+ Sporty sensation

+ Brakes

 - Comfort over urban street imperfections

 - Commuting on traffic congested streets.

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