Triumph Sprint GT 1050 (2010-current) : Seriously touring

     Engine: The in-line three cylinder six-speed 1050 cc engine delivers 130 hp / 9200 rpm and 11,6 Kgm / 6300 rpm torque nominal values.

     Actually rider may apply the throttle and get meaty acceleration from 2000 rpm. Engine response is very linear, rev limiter intervenes at 10500 rpm.
     Thus, although the engine has been improved compared with the previous model , the Sprint GT engine reminds of the Speed Triple˘s one : apart from the distinctive three cylinder sound and instant throttle response , there is plenty of useful power available from the low end.
     Typically, engine revs up to 4500 are sufficient for urban use. However power at the top seems average due to the low-middle power band boost.
     Gear box is a little stiffer than usual. Gear changes are rather loud.

     Riding position: The height and width of the saddle is great. It is clear that this bike addresses to big riders.
     The weight of the bike feels increased while it is 268 Kg curb nominal. This is a rather significant figure. Center of gravity feels located in the middle of the bike.

     The dimensions of the motorcycle are slightly smaller than the expected for the category standards: it provides a rather old-fashioned sense of narrow - long bike, not really bulky.
     Rider is placed in and on the motorcycle, riding position is neutral and comfortable. There is a lot of space on the motorcycle for the rider.
     Tyres fitted are Bridgestone BT-021, dimensions are 120-70/17 at the front and 180-55/17 at the rear.

     On the road: The fork is relatively firm, spring preload may be adjusted. The shock absorber which is adjustable to preload (by hand) and rebound damping (with a screwdriver), provides a slightly softer feel, firmness is moderate.

     On city rides, due to the relatively decreased dimensions, Sprint GT is acceptable. Rider will be assisted by the neutral riding position. Certainly its not really suitable for commuting in a congested city center, however rider will not be confused by an occasional downtown ride.
     In the process of filtering the relatively small width for the category standards will be very helpful. The height of the handlebar is the same with that of car mirrors which will require some caution, however this is not a real disadvantage.
     Steering lock is average though, which will be an obstacle on congested traffic. Once again due to the nature of the bike, it is not considered a disadvantage.
     Street imperfections are being felt by the rider, a little more than ideal, despite the linkage at the shock absorber.

     On B-roads the bike is genuinely neutral. Rider may observe the scenery in a calm, as the bike provides a smooth and robust feel. Confidence as well as feedback to the rider are almost superb, which is something to be expected by a touring bike.
     At the fast pace, Sprint still is very neutral and stable at the same time. Changing direction is relatively slow which reveals the combination of a tardy steering geometry together with increased weight. The wheelbase is long, 1537 mm.
     Confidence to the rider is not really decreased even at a very fast pace. However feedback to the rider is reduced at a pace like that. Partially this is due to the tyres which require high friction tarmac roads to provide good grip, although no lap times are going to be set.
     On the highway air protection is very good for average height riders. The screen of the bike cannot be adjusted. As a result of the above, usually tall riders will look for the increased air protection provided by the high screen which is a factory extra.
     Whatever the screen is, Sprint GT is a very efficient bike, very comfortable, which makes it easy for the rider to travel many kilometers a day.
     The ABS Nissin brakes of the bike, are powerful. Two 320 mm discs are used at the front, four piston calipers, which provide good feedback to the rider while at the rear a two piston caliper disc brake provides average feedback.

     Comments: A single swing arm is used, however it is obscured by the low mount muffler which provides adequate space for the panniers.
     The mirrors of the bike tested were clear regardless of the speed. However there was a minor vibration over large bumps, which does not match with the character of the bike.
     On the contrary, the small space area is very convenient for coins-gloves-mobile. It is right below the right side of the handle bar, it may be locked. Under the seat another small storage space is provided, available for a lock.
     The rack is large and sturdy, its a base for load or an optional large top box. The test bike was equipped with panniers, 31 liters each, the same color with the motorcycle. They require some caution into traffic as their width is just greater than bike mirrors. There is a great list of available factory accessories.
     As it is common with Triumph motorcycles, the key of the bike has to be turned, in order to lock the fuel cap. This is not accomplished by simply pressing down the fuel cap.

     The Sprint GT is different from the ST version, because of the 5 bhp increased engine power, increased weight, steel instead of aluminum sub-frame, increased wheelbase, low muffler instead of underseat muffler, longer top gearing and the two side panniers as a standard.
     The design of the bike is elegant. Two classy colors, blue or grey match the age and status of the future buyer. The review of the bike was conducted without the panniers fitted.

Price GT ABS: 13190¤

+ Various fields of use

+ Price, for the category standards

+ Dimensions, for the category standards

- Power delivery feels rather dull compared with the electrifying 675 c.c. output.

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