Aprilia SR MAX 300 (2011-current): Ń user-friendly Dorsoduro!

     This scooter is based on the Gilera Nexus 300i. The review of the Gilera Nexus 250 is published here.

     Engine: The single cylinder Quasar 278 c.c. engine delivers 22 bhp/7250 rpm and 2.35 Kgm / 6000 rpm torque, claimed figures. 
     At idle, a light vibration is produced. Transmission favors top speed rather than acceleration. 

     The speed of 60 km/h is achieved fast. Acceleration is decreased above that figure, being rather weak from 100 km/h upwards. Top speed is 145 km/h, indicated figure, which is affected by road inclination or adverse wind. 
     Riding fast, an indicated fuel consumption figure is 4.5 litres/ 100 Km (63 mpg Imperial). 
     Riding position: The saddle is really high, 815 mm, the saddle width is increased. The floor of the scooter is divided by a high tunnel, rider has to lift a foot above that in order to be sited. Consequently it will be satisfying only to tall riders, higher than 1,75m.. This is marginally better than the large motard model of the company, Dorsoduro! 
     The seat provides plenty of space to rider and pillion. Rider is placed clearly over the scooter, which is moderated slightly by the tall screen. 
     Riding position is neutral, although it resembles to that of a motorcycle. The dimensions of the SR MAX are increased, which is typical for the maxi-scooter category. 
     Specifically the width of the scooter is increased at the top of the leg shield, due to the spoilers dispersing air flux away from the riderĘs hands at high speed riding. 
     The weight of the scooter feels relatively light, 174 nominal Kg empty, centre of gravity feels rather low. 
     On the road: The 35 mm fork feels soft. The twin shock absorbers at the rear feel rather soft. The spring preload at the shocks in three increments, is the only available suspension adjustment for the rider. The frame is derived from the Gilera Nexus 500 cousin model. 
     The dimensions of the tyres are 120/70-15 at the front, 140/60-14 at the rear. Factory fitted tyres are Michelin City Grip, which is a superb choice, improving handling. 
     On town rides the tall riding position provides decent road supervision, which was possible only on a big adventure bike up to now! If this is combined with the motorcycle-like riding sensation of the SR, urban rides feel  sporty compared with the scooter category standards. 
     Due to the dimensions of the SR, traffic jams will impose a compromise. Obviously a typical 150 cc scooter would be better then. 
     At the process of filtering the height of the handlebar lies between car and SUV mirrors. Steering lock is quite good. 
     Comfort to the rider is very good for the scooter category standards, although no miracles are performed in this occasion. Large potholes and bumps will find their way to the rider. 
     The center stand is attached at the very rear of the scooter, providing decent leverage even to female riders. 
     Due to the high tunnel, rider has to lift a foot above that in order to embark and disembark from the scooter. ThatĘs not very practical in case of daily commuting. 
     On B-roads the SR feels again like a tall motorbike. Scooter agility is combined with stability, resulting in calmness and confidence to the rider. Rider will get feedback for whatever its necessary to be felt. Road imperfections are absorbed adequately. 
     At the fast pace confidence to the rider is very good, a decent sporty mood is created. Once again the familiar feeling of riding a normal yet tall bike is there for the rider. The SR is really good, robust, neutral and tempting, feeling vividly sporty. 
     Handling is great, no wobble at the sweepers. Close to the limit the scooter feels quite light, warning the rider. At that pace, any motorcycle is actually better than any scooter. It should be reminded that the factory mounted tyres enhance handling. 
     On the highway air pressure will be felt on the helmet and the shoulders of the rider. If rider is inclined to the front, things get better. The height of the screen may be adjusted in three increments, rider will need tools to do that. Thus air protection is good, traveling speed is 120 to 130 Km/h.. 
     Ń 260 mm disc brake is equipped at the front, a 240 mm at the rear. Two piston calipers and steel braided lines are used front and rear. 
     The stopping power of the front brake is average, its linear though. The rear brake is powerful, providing strong initial bite. Feedback to the rider is relatively good from both brakes. They are considered to be good and user friendly, they will get the job done, except from the case of sporty riding on twisty high friction factor roads. They will prove to be inadequate then. 
      Model history/reliability/quality build: It was introduced in 2006, that was the Gilera Nexus 250i (2006-7), Gilera is a sister company at the Piaggio Group. 
     In 2008 the Quasar 278 c.c. engine was installed, engine power remained about the same, torque was improved though. A larger and adjustable screen was fitted also. 
     In 2011 the production was continued by the name Aprilia SR MAX 300, featuring minor changes e.g. the silencer protection plate, mirrors, screen and colours. These changes were performed in order to underline a design similarity with the flagship of the company, the RSV 1000. 
     The engine reliability is given, since it has been used in every 300 cc scooter of the Group. The rest of the scooter parts have been tested at the Gilera Nexus 250 model since 2006. 
     Quality build is good. 
     Comments: The fuel cap is located at the top of the tunnel separating the floor. There are lids at either side of the tunnel, providing heat to the riderĘs legs, if that is necessary. 
     The storage space under the seat is more than adequate for a full face and a bicycle helmet. A 12V plug and a light by …FIAT are equipped. A very small gloves compartment is provided at the top left of the leg shield. At the photo it is shown with a pocket camera case in it. There is no rack provided with the scooter. 
     Although its identical to the Gilera Nexus 250, which was introduced back in …2006, the Italian design and the modern colours, make it still a contemporary scooter. 
     The tag price however is the greatest advantage, reflecting the almost zero research and development cost of the SR, which benefits the consumer. The price of the Giler Nexus 300 is also decreased to this level. On the contrary, the Gilera Nexus 125 which defers only to the engine capacity is slightly more expensive, according to the companyĘs website. Now thatĘs a surprise! 
Price : 4140 § 

Price Aprilia SR MAX 125: ----- 

Price Gilera Nexus 300 : 4240 § 

Price Gilera Nexus 125 : 4270 § (!) 

+ Price 

+ Handling 

+ Sporty riding sensation 

- Saddle height 

- Usability on commuting 




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