Honda XL700V ABS ,TRANSALP, (2007-current): Reading behind the lines

      Engine: From the bottom end, 2500 rpm upwards, there is plenty of torque, power provided up to 4000 rpm is adequate for town use. Linearity is impressive, not the absolute power numbers. Rpm increase is fast up to 7000 rpm, after that figure, power delivery is not proportional to the rise of revs. Top power output at 59 bhp.

     The smooth power delivery is a characteristic for many Honda motorcycles. It is helpful and relaxing for the rider in town rides. On the contrary, at the fast pace it may feel dull for some riders.

     Riding position: The seat for the rider is relatively high. Riders higher than average will step a firm foot on the ground. When the bike is maneuvered, the weight feels significant. Centre of gravity feels low. The width of the bike is average, however the handle bar is wide. The parts protecting the reservoir are relatively wide. The tank gets narrower at the rear, towards the rider. Compared with the previous model or the category standards, the bulk of the bike is reduced. Rider is positioned mainly in the bike, riding position is neutral.

     On the road: Suspension is relatively soft, absorbing sufficiently the vast majority of road imperfections. Almost from zero speed the weight of the bike diminishes. This results in a light and agile feeling bike.
     On urban rides its comfortable and trouble free, assisted by the excellent ABS brakes. Steering lock is very good, the bike will take advadvantage of minor gaps in traffic. On town rides it will be a pleasant bike to ride even on congested streets. The height of the handle bar is greater than car mirrors when filtering.

     On B-roads the Transalp provides a balanced, effective, smooth and lightsome Honda feeling. The pace will be fast, effortless. Steering is quick.
     At the fast pace, suspension could provide better feedback. There is a crude reaction from the rear suspension over deep bumps. However itĘs a very effective bike, capable of fast rides without exaggerations.
     On the highway air protection will be really good up to 170 Km/h.

     Comments: A fairly good in quality built motorcycle, that will be running for years. A lower saddle is also available.

Price XL 700V TRANSALP ABS 2010: 8640 Euros


+Agility - easy to ride


-Top horsepower

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Thanks to the motorcycle shop Baxevanis - Honda, tel.+302109237000, Kalirois 12, Athens, Greece, for the test ride.


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