Honda Supra (Wave) 100 – Used, mini bike test (1995 - 2002): Instead of a new-cheap cub.

     Ôhe cub tested was a used 2001 model with some 96000 km (60000 mi) on the clock. Thus its not an indicative case of a second hand Supra. However there was not any issue concerning reliability, general build quality or riding quality during the test. On the contrary...

      Engine: The air-cooled, single cylinder engine is fed by a carburetor and it is equipped with a four-speed semi-automatic gear box. Relating the performance to modern standards, acceleration is still comparatively good. The Supra is nimble on traffic, accelerating linearly up to the top speed of 102 km/h (63.4 mi) indicated figure. Despite the age and the mileage of the cub, the operation of the engine was very good.    
     Riding position: The saddle is low, it will prove to be very suitable to short riders also. The riding position is normal for a cub, that is neutral. The rider is placed rather in than on the cub, the handlebar is relatively high. 
     The pillion is seated quite higher than the rider, the saddle is narrow and firm, the knees form a rather steep angle. 
     The dimensions of the cub are normal, that means decreased. The weight is really low, which makes it suitable to female riders seeking a used cub. 
     On the road: The suspensions are not adjustable. They were very soft at the bike tested. The tires fitted were the Michelin ME 45, which is a very good choice, enhancing grip. 
      In town the Supra feels naturally at home. No compromise will be asked to the rider, on the contrary itĒs a very convenient bike. 
      On downtown rides the Supra is still a terrific and neutral cub to ride, which justifies why it was in the past one of the best cubs to buy. Steering lock is superb. 
     Filtering is also excellent due to the small width of the Supra. However the height of the bikeĒs handlebar and mirrors is the same with carsĒ and SUVsĒ mirrors height respectively. Urban street imperfections are absorbed very well. 
      On B-roads the Supra combines stability and agility. Even at the present, riding sensation is contemporary which will satisfy the riders choosing to buy a used Supra instead of buying a new, low-budget cub. 
     The handling is also comparable to that of a modern average and  expensive cub, that is to say better than that of the cheaper cubs around. 
      The brakes consist of a disc brake together with a two piston caliper at the front and a drum brake at the rear. The brakes are powerful providing relatively good feedback to the rider and comparatively good initial bite for the cubs standards. Braking is still an advantage of the Supra compared to the new - cheaper cubs of the market. 
      Comments: Ôhe Supra is equipped also with a kick-start. Under the saddle there is a small storage space, indicatively adequate for two pairs of winter gloves. Honda Supra 100 belongs to the Honda Wave series which was introduced in 1995 replacing the Cub series. The Wave series was equipped with 100, 110 and 125 c.c. engine capacities. Ôhe Supra was replaced by the ANF Innova 125 in 2003 in Europe. 
      Despite the age and the mileage of the bike, there was not any riding handicap found during the test. On the contrary, the Supra is a good alternative proposal compared to the new low-budget cubs of the market, usually providing a more modern and safer riding than those. 
+ Modern riding sensation 

+ Handling-comfort 

+ Build quality 

- Nowadays, old-fashioned styling.


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