Enfield Classic EFI C-5, 500 cc (2010-current): Nice character on everyday rides, moderate potential on the open road.

The bike was ridden with the optional Enfield sporty exhaust. 

Engine: The single cylinder, air cooled, fuel injected , five speed 499 c.c. engine delivers 27.2 bhp/ 5250 rpm and 4.2 kgm / 4000 rpm (30.5 ft lbs) torque, claimed figures.


Actually the sound of the engine with this silencer mounted is quite loud and nice. It means to be heard like a big thumper, reminding something of an old Yamaha XT or even a Honda XR! The engine response is linear while the acceleration is average given the engine capacity. As an example the speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) is achieved relatively fast under full throttle acceleration. The top speed is 130 km/h (81 mph) indicated figure.


The bike is equipped with a choke, despite the fuel injection. The drive chain is located at the right side of the bike. The standard exhaust is very long and ugly, so thatĘs a nice excuse to replace it. However this sporty exhaust featured on this review is not equipped with a catalytic converter. This engine was introduced in 2009. An average fuel consumption figure is 3.8 l/100 km (74 mpg Imperial).


Riding position: The saddle is low, it will be very convenient to short riders. The rider is placed in and over the bike, the riding position is normal and comfortable. The bike tested was equipped with a rider-only seat, hence the pillion has many choices such selecting public transport means, his vehicle or on foot! Of course the pillion seat is an optional. A convenient grab rail is there for the rider in order to place the bike on the centre stand.


The dimensions of the Classic are normal, the width is small. On the contrary the weight of the bike (190 kg-419 lbs) kerb  is considerable for a single cylinder 500 c.c. bike. However due to the low saddle, female riders are not excluded.


On the road: The firmness of the suspensions feels average, a 35 mm fork is equipped at the front with a 130 mm suspension travel, while at the rear there are twin shocks with just 80 mm (3.15 in.) of suspension travel and adjustable spring load to five increments. OE tyres are Avon Ro rider with dimensions 90/90-18 to the front and 110/80-18 to the rear. They are considered an average choice in terms of handling, as there are not many options on these dimensions.


In town the Classic is a neutral and pleasant bike to ride, mainly due to the bikeĘs character. Its not only the sporty sound and the instant response of the single cylinder engine. The Classic is an agile, stable, comfortable and very convenient bike.


On downtown rides the agility provided is useful on tight traffic. However the weight of the bike will be noticed, even if it feels located quite low. The steering lock is superb, it may be compared only with that of the most agile scooters! Filtering is relatively easy since the height of the handlebar is about the same with car mirrors.


The comfort provided by the 18 inch wheels and suspensions is comparatively good as long as potholes are small or average. Large potholes cannot be absorbed adequately. A rider certainly expects better comfort from an old school bike featuring 18 inch wheels. Thus comfort to the rider is just average at the end of the day for the standards of this bike category.


On B-roads the Classic is a pleasant bike to ride. The single cylinder engine, the right proportion of agility and stability (despite the very short 1360 mm-53.54 in. wheelbase) and the neutral riding position enhance riding satisfaction.


At the fast pace on low friction factor roads, feedback to the rider becomes average no matter the type of the curve, mainly due to the OE tyres. The bike feels very light then, riding confidence is diminished. On decent roads the engine performance is not adequate to make things interesting, while some flexibility from the bike can be noticed.


On the highway the moderate top speed becomes a limiting factor, since a single cylinder engine revs happily quite below the maximum rpm limit. However its not only the engine setting the limits. Up to the speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) the Classic is a very satisfying bike.


At the top speed of 130 km/h (81 mph) though, there are remarkable vibrations mainly on the handlebar and the footpegs, while some weave is noticed. Hence the rider will reduce the cruising speed to 100 km/h (62 mph) and the journey will feel again as it should: A nice type of ride to perform.


A single 280 mm rotor is featured at the front together with a two pots caliper and a 153 mm drum brake at the rear. The front brake provides good initial bite and power. Feedback to the rider is relatively good as the front dives greatly under heavy braking. The drum brake is comparatively linear as the initial bite is moderate. It provides average feedback although its very powerful.


Comments: A two years, unlimited mileage warranty is provided. Servicing the bike seems to be easy since all parts can be approached easily and they look quite simple. This bike featuring an electric starter is available only on this green color. The price of the various parts is low, as an example the optional pillion saddle costs §100, the sporty silencer also §100. Two photos with the standard silencer are attached below.


This bike is the closest possible option to the vintage British bikes of the °60s. For the western world markets the Classic should be perceived as such, given the opportunity to buy it new. On normal riding conditions it will meet the expectations of the rider adding large doses of classic style. It could be a cheaper bike though, especially because it is manufactured in India. Build quality is good. 


Price: 5600§ 

+ Vintage bike riding sensation 

+ Simplicity in engineering 

+ Fuel consumption-cheap servicing 

- Riding potential by modern standards 

- Price


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