Gilera Nexus 250i (2006-7) and 300i (2008-current): Riding is not an indifferent process.

     Engine: The smooth power delivery is the most prominent feature of this engine of 244 c.c. and 22 nominal bhp. The scooter reaches instantly the speed of 40 Km/h, its fast up to 60 Km/h, fairly good the 80 Km/h, easily the 100 Km/h, adequately the 120 Km/h which is a speed that will be kept at minor uphill roads, rider only. Top speed is 150 Km/h indicated.
     In very fast riding, consumption is 4liters/100 Km. From 2008 the engine capacity became 278c.c., almost identical horsepower, improved torque figure.

     Riding position: The seat height is normal, the seat width is slightly increased. Rider is positioned rather on the scooter and the riding position is neutral. Suspension is relatively hard for scooterĘs standards and medium for motorcycle standards. The scooter feels relatively light and the centre of gravity feels low. Tyres have dimensions 120-70-14 front, (120-70-15 for the 300i), and 140-60-14 rear. The scooter is relatively wide, the steering lock good enough.
     On the road: Town rides are trouble free, rider gets feedback for whatever is necessary, while at the same time road imperfections are absorbed adequately.
     On low friction roads its safe, progressive, predictable, agile enough, steady and sportive feeling. In the fast mode on roads like this feedback deteriorates a lot, rider has to be cautious with the front end as the scooter will understeer under pressure and the rear wheel will gradually oversteer. Thus on low friction roads, riding pace will not exceed the scooter category limits.
     On high friction roads the scooter is very firm, neutral, joyful, providing sporty vibes to the rider.  Handling is really good, while there is no hint of any flexibility on fast bends. The scooter tempts the rider to enjoy cornering, like an agile motorcycle would do. On long straights the low wind screen provides an unexpectedly good wind protection.
      The front brakeĘs power is average while the rear is O.K.. They should be considered user friendly and are adequate in every case except from really fast rides on high friction bendy roads, where they are considered inadequate.
     On soil  roads the scooter is decent.

     Comments: Due to the height of the frame bars, rider has to lift a foot over the seat in order to access the riding position, so itĘs not as functional as the majority of scooters around.
     Under the seat there is the unique storage space of the scooter, accommodating an open and bicycleĘs helmet, leaving some free space more.

Price Gilera nexus 300i: 4935§

+ Road handlingon high friction tarmac roads
+ Sportive sensation

-Usability in very frequent and short rides

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