Aprilia Sportcity One 50, 2t (2009-current): Nice, small, cheap and ...weak

     Engine: The single cylinder two stroke air cooled engine of 50 c.c., which is fed via a carburetor, delivers 4.2 nominal bhp at 6500 rpm and 4.4 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm again. Practically this means that the acceleration up to 20 Km/h is adequate, above that acceleration decreases up to the indicated top speed of 75 Km/h, after quite a lot of time. The small engine will feel weak at anything bigger than the narrow city roads. Rider feels insecure at speeds higher than 40 Km/h, due to the lack of power.
     There is no rpm indication. Riders who will be riding hard the small scooter, keeping engine revs high, should be prepared for increased consumption. This is the  reason that  small engine capacity is not always a cure for consumption.
     The bike under test was almost new, had clocked 2500 Km,  the performance described is inferior to that which the future rider will achieve, after a few additional thousand Kilometers.

     Riding position: The seat height is average for the category standards, the front part of the saddle is narrow, the rear gets wide, thus all riders will step a firm foot on the ground. The Sportcity feels light, 101 Kg dry weight, center of gravity is low, dimensions are small. The riding position is neutral and comfortable, rider is positioned rather in the scooter.
     Steering lock is average for the category standards, it could better than that, achieving tighter steering radius. Suspension is average with respect to stiffness, just a hint to the firm side. The dimension for both wheels is 120-70-14.

     On the road: Ōn town rides the Sportcity is very agile, steady, providing adequate feedback to the rider and absorbing road imperfections. The only drawback is that passing over medium and especially large humps, the rebound of the front end stretches to maximum, resulting in a light ram of the front end. This takes place both in and out of urban areas . Otherwise itĘs a comfortable scooter.
     Out of town the little Sportcity is very stable considering the riding speed for a small scooter. The combination of frame, suspension and tyres, surpasses the engine performance, providing adequate feedback, even when the rear wheel tends to oversteer on low friction roads. Except the rebound mentioned before, the riding quality is similar to that of larger and more expensive scooters, especially on high quality tarmac roads.
     Brakes are good. The front is powerful enough, it will lock the front wheel on low friction roads while the rear drum brake is relatively weak.

     Comments: The small 50 c.c. engine is adequate for short rides in narrow city roads or deserted B roads. Active safety is reduced on normal traffic roads or avenues due to the limited performance of the engine, which applies to all 50 c.c. scooters.
     The riderĘs feet floor is level, which will permit carrying of large objects, under the seat there is adequate space for a full face helmet. ApriliaĘs Sportcity One is manufactured in China, the price is relatively low, quality built could be improved in specific points. The youthful design and Aprilia badge are additional advantages. A side stand could be included in the price.

Price: 1495 §



-Rebound of the front end

-Engine performance for ordinary traffic rides

Thanks to the motorcycle shop MIHANOKINISI - Spyros Filippatos, Sitemporon 67 & Sotiros, Argostoli, Kefalonia, tel.+302671023093-fax+302671023803, for the test ride.


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