Honda SH 300i C-ABS (2007-2010): Silk sensation

     Engine: Its very fast up to 60 Kmph, fast up to 80 Kmph, ok up to 100 Kmph, adequate up to 120 Kmph and slowly after that up to the 140, displayed top speed. As it may keep speed of 100 Kmph or higher, the SH may be used for National roads, requiring some minor compromise from the rider.
     ‘he engine is economical,  very powerful for the category standards though, with a rated output of 27 bhp.

     On the road: At a normal pace, the riding quality is as top as unique. Very agile and stable at the same time. The weight is increased, well hidden though. When ridden fast, feedback becomes vague and when pushed hard the rear wheel will gradually and predictably oversteer.
     Combined ABS is exceptional, offering safe braking, under all circumctances. Really fast riders , Rossi's cousins in law, who ride street bikes may complain for less feedback when braking though.
     Comments: A quality scooter, small in terms of physical dimensions, feeling really comfortable in traffic congestion as well. The SH300 provides little space under the riders seat , thus asking for a top box in order to  carry small-medium objects. The riderĘs foot floor is level.

Price sh 300i TOP BOX: 5050 §

+Riding quality

+Quality built



-Little storage space

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Honda - Moschonas, tel.+302671023121 in Greece, Kefalonia, Argostoli, for the test ride.

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