The big issue of road safety concerns all the motobikers, wherever they are. In Asian countries, where the majority of the population uses motorbikes or mopeds for transportation, there is a big problem. In other developing countries, like Greece for example, the situation is better. Finally, in developed western countries the motorcyclists can move about with comparatively big safety, without, however, being totally safe at all times. A long time ago, while watching a flat track race in Edinburgh Scotland, one of the racers told me that he was afraid to ride his motorbike out in the street. The same is mentioned at Valentino Rossis' autobiography. As time went by, and after a lot track days and a few races I began to understand his words. We motorcyclists are more likely to visit the hospital than any other road users.

     Having lost friends, relatives and people known to me on the street, and having had a few road accidents myself throughout the years that Ive been riding my motorbikes, Im particularly concerned with the issue of Road Safety. I strongly feel that in the modern world we could diminish road accidents and their consequences, if we focus on the human error and its causes. Therefore, the following project is addressed to Secondary School students, College students and, in general, young drivers. I have been making improvements on this project since 2004 and now I am presenting the 2009 version. It is devided into four parts, starting with remarks and moving on to propositions for improvement in order to diminish the danger. It also includes a humouristic advert about unguarded animals on the roads of Kefalonia isle, which are the cause of many accidents. I hope you like all my remarks and proposals and may you never need them in real life.

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