SHOEI helmets and CardoSystems, manufacturer of Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycle helmets (scala rider), announced that they have signed an agreement under which Cardo will design, develop and market an unique and high-end communication system to specifically fit SHOEIĘs NEOTEC, MULTITEC, XR-1100, J-Cruise, QWEST, RJ-Platinum and HORNET-DS models. 

The new product, Cardo SHO-1, will also feature bike-to-bike intercom between up to 9 riders, connectivity modes with mobile phones, and wireless receipt of high-fidelity stereo music from smartphones and compatible MP3 players. ‘he Cardo SHO-1 will consist of two complementing and low-profile units that attach seamlessly and without any mechanical clamps to SHOEI's helmets. While the Cardo SHO-1 is sold through Cardo's distribution channels, SHOEI recommends using it with SHOEI helmets.