The engine and frame derive from the S1000R, the handle bars are higher though providing a better touring riding position. The weight of the 160 PS  bike will be 215 kg. The subframe is expected to be strengthened in order to cope with the weight of the top case and panniers. 
This new bike will be unveiled at the Intermot motor show in October and it will reach the dealerships about April 2015.


More photos of the Bmw S1000F!


Despite the larger fairing at the front, this powerful adventure bike seems to share many parts with the naked S1000R, including the wheels and radial Brembo brakes. However the subframe should be redesigned in order to provide more room to the pillion and luggage. The headlights look symmetrical from this angle and there is a scoop between them.


Bmw to introduce an S1000RR based road-oriented adventure bike?

The German motorbike magazine Motorrad has published a sketch of the rumored S1000F. The four cylinder engine and the frame should be derived from the S1000R: since the 193 bhp output of the S1000RR is not really necessary to this bike category, the engine should be detuned to about 150-160 bhp with increased torque at the low and middle area of the powerband. 

The S1000F should be a competitor to the Ducati Multistrada not only in terms of sheer output but also to the sporty rides on twisty roads. Since it is a Bmw, it must be a comfortable bike to perform fast journeys. The bike is expected to feature all the latest electronic gimmicks and it could be customized by a long list of Bmw extras.