The electric military spec MMX is based on the motocross model MX, which produces 54 bhp, 9.4 kgm (68 ft lbs) torque and a top speed of 137 km/h (85 mph). 

The frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum. The MMX which was announced yesterday for the US Special Operational Forces (SOF), provides several advantages compared to conventional motorcycles such as riding silence, minimal thermal signature, rapid movement. 

The bike is provided with two modular power packs which may me changed separately in less than a minute, it is fully operational if submerged in one meter of water, keyless ignition, switchable headlight, integrated wiring to accommodate infrared systems front and rear, etc. Charge time varies between 5.9 hours to 1.6 hour, depending on the pack and the us of a quick charger.